2017 MLB Pitching Leaders

Excellence On the Mound In 2017


The 2017 saw numerous great pitching performances.  A trio of no-hitters, four games with pitchers throwing for fifteen or more strikeouts, and dominating staffs in Seattle, New York, and San Diego all were noteworthy throughout the season.

While many stories followed the continued struggles of Josh Beckett and Pat Crosby, the true headliners came in the form of Felix Hernandez, Manuel Reyes, and Stephen Strasburg.

Hernandez won 22 games in 2017, tying the MLB Pro record set by James Shields in 2012.  The Mariners won their final twenty-five games in which Hernandez started for the team.  Having gone 5-0 with an ERA of 1.76 in September, Hernandez will be key in the Mariners playoff success.

In San Diego, the season began with plenty of focus on the pair of Michael Matuella and Broderick Wilson.  While both Matuella and Wilson had fantastic years, it was Manuel Reyes who ended up having the best MLB Pro ERA amongst starters in 2017.  The 2.386 ERA of Reyes ranks 5th best in MLB Pro history.

Padres catcher Steven Rodriguez praised the hard-work of Reyes, “Manny has continued to grow on the mound.  While his stuff might not be the best on the staff, he also grinds and gets the job done.  He has helped show our young guys the ropes, he’s been big for us.”

While Stephen Strasburg struck-out 30 less hitters in 2017 than he did in 2016, Strasburg still lead all of baseball.  This is the 4th time since 2013 that Strasburg has been the strikeout leader.  Strasburg is heading into his final year of a 4 year contract with Detroit.