2017 MLB Pro Auction Player List

League Office Releases List MLB Pro Auction Players

The league office received auction lists from 13 teams totaling 41 players.

The order in which players will be auctioned off is based upon the order in which lists were received and the order in which teams listed their own players.  The auctioneer will determine how many players are auctioned in a night and how many will be auctioned in total.

2017 MLB Pro Auction List
# Team Player Minimum Bid Note
1 LA Dodgers C Pratt Maynard (ML) $350,000 If you value leadership and makeup, and are looking for a backup catcher (or just catcher depth), Maynard is the guy for you. 229 PA last year in the majors.
2 Chicago Cubs SS Miguel Martinez (R-Mesa) $900,000 5-tool potential, the best prospect in the Cubs system.
3 Arizona D-Backs 3B Lonnie Chisenhall (ML) $50,000 2016 All Star and Silver Slugger, Chisenhall is a durable and reliable producer at 3B (.280/.324/.462 for five seasons in majors).
4 Washington Nationals LF Carlos Gonzalez (ML) $50,000 A solid fielding outfielder with power who I would very much like to get his salary off my books.
5 Houston Astros SP Aaron Crow (MLB) $700,000 Upcoming FA who has the stuff to be a backend SP for playoff team
6 Tampa Bay Rays 3B Tim Beckham (AAA) $200,000 Solid defender at 3 spots, can hit lefties
7 New York Mets 1B Lucas Duda (MLB), $50,000 Duda's MLB Carreer: .276/.348/.793; Mets backup 1B, occasional OF and great at pinch hitting
8 Los Angeles Angels RP Ebert Rosario (MLB) $4,500,000 A high strikeout rate for a pitcher who has shown success at the big league level — control problems and a crowded bullpen have limited his opportunities.
9 Cincinnati Reds C Max Ramirez (MLB) $50,000 Max will make someone a good backup / fill in starter. With us getting Lucroy, Max will lose the majority of his playing time.
10 Detroit Tigers CF Yoenis Cespedes (MLB) $150,000 Cespedes is a decent right-handed hitter. He's also adequate at the center field position. He's 31 years old but has an expiring contract.
11 Milwaukee Brewers RP Kyle Heckathorn (AAA) $150,000 Reliever with a solid fastball, worth 2 wins in AAA over last two seasons, worth a shot as a fringe reliever.
12 Miami Marlins LF Matt Clark (MLB) $100,000
13 Baltimore Orioles RP A.J. Cole (AAA) $150,000 65-55-40 with 3 good pitches who can also start. Career Highs at MLB: 3.32 ERA, .229 BABIP.
14 LA Dodgers LF Bobby Coyle (AAA), $100,000 Coyle could serve as a respectable bench OF with his above average defense in LF and RF and lefty bat. .954 OPS last season in AAA.
15 Chicago Cubs RP Rafael Betancourt (MLB) $100,000 Veteran reliever with 100+ career saves on his resume.
16 Arizona D-Backs LF Chris Heisey (ML) $50,000 Former All Star (2016) and Gold Glove winner, team leader, LF/RF, vesting option for 2018.
17 Washington Nationals 2B Josh R. Johnson (AAA) $100,000 A solid 2B who hits for good average. I just don't have room for him on the ML club.
18 Houston Astros LF Cedric Hunter (AAA) $50,000 Superb defense in LF coming off of 1.6 WAR MLB season
19 Tampa Bay Rays OF Drew Vettleson (AAA) $50,000 Bench bat who can hit righties well and spell a starting RF
20 New York Mets 3B/1B Brandon Laird (MLB) $50,000 Laird played backup 3B for the Mets.
21 Cincinnati Reds RP Eury De La Rosa (MLB) $500,000 De La Rosa had a very good 2016 season and should provide solid innings for someone's bullpen. He should be a very productive guy for someone, we just don't have any room for him.
22 Milwaukee Brewers 3B Ryan Gennett (MLB) $250,000 infielder who is ready to break into the majors, will provide solid depth, quality hitting at AAA, great teammate.
23 Detroit Tigers 3B Will Middlebrooks (MLB) $350,000 Middlebrooks won the Gold Glove at 3B in the AL last year. He hit .274/.315/.418 with 16 HRs & 71 RBIs in 150 games. He also posted 3.4 WAR.
24 Boston Red Sox SP Travis Wood (MLB) $250,000 Nice LHP who had a rough 2016, but was good out of the pen in Boston.
25 Baltimore Orioles 3B Chad Maynard (AA – Bowie) $350,000 Maynard has above average potential and could be already ready. Baltimore management simply has different ideas regarding player personalities within their organization.
26 LA Dodgers LF Starling Marte (AAA) $100,000 A defensive specialist in the OF, Marte could serve as RH OF depth, capable of at least being marginally successful vs. LHP. Hit .286 in 196 PA w/ LAD last year.
27 Chicago Cubs RF Thomas Neal (AAA-Iowa) $150,000 Corner outfielder which can platoon against lefties.
28 Arizona D-Backs SP Koryusai Jouda (ML) $50,000 Veteran team leader, very popular, versatile left-hander who can start or relieve, vesting option for 2019.
29 Houston Astros RF Rubi Silva (AAA) $150,000 Great defense in RF, with good bat, could be 4th OF
30 New York Mets C A.J. Jimenez (MLB) $50,000 Jimenez is a "75 defensive rated C" and played backup for the Mets with 60 starts
31 Cincinnati Reds SP Dellin Betances (MLB) $1,000,000 Betances was very effective in 2016 posting a 2.63 era and made 3 spot starts. 8.5 k's per 9 innings. He should fit in nicely as a long reliever/spot starter with some good upside.
32 Detroit Tigers SP Ubaldo Jimenez (MLB) $100,000 Jimenez is a groundball pitcher with a good fastball. His movement is pretty consistently down in the zone. Wouldn't mind pitching in a hitter's park.
33 Milwaukee Brewers CF Julio Morban (MLB) $250,000 Center fielder who, despite not having great ratings, produced as a quality depth outfielder for the Brewers last season.
34 Boston Red Sox SP DJ Mitchell (MLB) $1,000,000 Solid RHP who has 2 more years of club control, just needs out of Boston.
35 Chicago Cubs SP James Russell (AAA-Iowa) $550,000 Could be a great spot starter if you're willing to rehab him this season.
36 Arizona D-Backs RP Josh Beckett (ML) $0 Popular … team leader … he's from Texas … um … hmm … vesting option for 2018/2019.
37 Houston Astros 2B David Adams (MLB) $50,000 Batted .308 in 55 games last season
38 New York Mets SP Neil Ramirez (AAA) $100,000 This 2013 MLB "Rookie of the Year", now 27, has a "MLB career" 3.42 ERA with 40 wins vs. 30 losses and simply has outperformed his ratings in every year in the majors.
39 Cincinnati Reds RP Justin Freeman (MLB) $50,000 Freeman struggled a bit in 2016, but should be much better if he had a full time role in the majors. He was shuffled from AAA to MLB a lot last year and it hurt his performance.
40 Detroit Tigers LF/RF Avery Barnes (MLB) $400,000 Barnes is a solid hitter vs. RHP. He had a line of .278/.369/.447 with 11 HRs & 45 RBIs versus righties. Very selective at the plate. Posted 1.8 WAR.
41 Boston Red Sox MR Jose De La Torre (MLB) $50,000 Good RHP with groundball tendencies who is still under club control for 3 more years.