2017 Preseason MLB Pro GM Survey

During the offseason, all of the MLB Pro GMs were asked a bunch of questions about the freshly-started season including how they felt the divisions would play out and all of the major award winners. For the divisions, we gave each team 5 points for a first place vote, 4 points for a second place vote and so on. For everything else, we just counted the votes. Keep it simple, stupid! Here’s how the voting played out (and thanks to the GMs that sent in their results. To the GMs that didn’t…thanks for nothing, jerks!)


New York Yankees – 82 points

Toronto Blue Jays – 76 points

Tampa Bay Rays – 55 points

Baltimore Orioles – 48 points

Boston Red Sox – 39 points

The addition of 2015 AL MVP Juan Francisco to an already deadly offense had a lot of GMs already handing the division title to the Bronx Bombers with 12 out of a possible 20 first place votes. If the start of the season is anything to go by though, this division will be a lot closer than we think with Tampa, Baltimore and Boston all picking up wins and Toronto and the Yanks yet to grab a W (with the Yanks being 0-2!)


Detroit Tigers – 88 points

Minnesota Twins – 75 points

Cleveland Indians – 65 points

Chicago White Sox – 40 points

Kansas City Royals – 32 points

No surprises at the top here with the Tigers being the favourite amongst the GMs to take the division with 11 first place votes and deservedly so. Perhaps most surprising is the White Sox being so close to the bottom despite having one of the favourites to take the AL Cy Young award (more on that later.) Also, if I was the Indians GM, this would be the part where I say this is the only time that Minnesota have finished above Cleveland. But lucky I’m not the Indians GM.

AL West

Los Angeles Angels – 91 points

Seattle Mariners – 84 points

Texas Rangers – 57 points

Houston Astros – 46 points

Oakland Athletics – 22 points

The AL West has the distinction of having both the highest and lowest scoring teams in the whole GM survey but Oakland gets the last laugh by beating the Angels on opening day and for a brief moment, standing atop the AL West.


New York Mets – 89 points

Atlanta Braves – 79 points

Philadelphia Phillies – 52 points

Washington Nationals – 44 points

Miami Marlins – 36 points

This division is a lot tougher than this survey would suggest with four of the five teams finishing at least .500 or better last season (sorry Miami.) What’s most impressive is the fact that Atlanta GM Brandon Huffington manages to do so well while being consistently drunk. It’s a sight to behold!


St. Louis Cardinals – 86 points

Milwaukee Brewers – 72 points

Chicago Cubs – 64 points

Cincinnati Reds – 53 points

Pittsburgh Pirates – 25 points

This division is going to be a tough one. Chicago actually received more first place votes than Milwaukee but also received more fourth place votes which is why MIL managed to sneak out ahead. FUN FACT: The two Central divisions were the only two divisions where the first place team received a last place vote and a team below them didn’t (AL Central, Detroit received one last place vote, Cleveland received zero. NL Central, ST. Louis received one last place vote yet neither Milwaukee or the Cubbies received one.) FUN FACT #2: Pittsburgh failed to score the least amount of points meaning they even suck at sucking! (Just kidding DL. You’re the best!)


Arizona Diamondbacks – JUST KIDDING!

San Francisco Giants – 78 points

Colorado Rockies – 73 points

Los Angeles Dodgers – 64 points

San Diego Padres – 61 points

Arizona Diamondbacks – 24 points

The closest division to call in MLB Pro. The Giants received 7 first place votes, Colorado 6 and LA 5. The second and third place votes were just as close. The only position that wasn’t close was last place votes which Arizona DOMINATED! Yet, if you look at the current MLB Pro standings, guess who is on top. Eat it, Giants fans!


Gary Copeland (10 votes)

The 2016 AL MVP is the runaway choice to win the trophy again this season, receiving 10 out of a possible 19 votes. ‘Little Louie’ is looking to lead the AL in hits and walks again this season and hopefully lead the Twins to their first playoff appearance in MLB Pro.

Also receiving votes: Juan Francisco (NYY x2), Nomar Mazara (LAA x2), Bryce Harper (TOR x2), Mike Trout (LAA), Joey Votto (DET), Miguel Velazquez (BOS)


Armando Cabanas (6 votes)

This one was a little closer but after hitting .322 with 45 RBIs and 13 HRs in 53 games for Atlanta after coming over at the trade deadline, Cabanas is looking to capitalize on that success with a full season for the Bravos and hoping to bring GM Bryson Hetherington another division title.

Also receiving votes: Braulio Pardo (SFG x5), Jurickson Profar (LAD x2), Nolan Arenado (COL x2), Esteban Hernandez (MIL), Rymer Liriano (SD), Evan Longoria (STL), Julio Figueroa (WAS)


Another repeat winner shows that MLB Pro GMs lack imagination. Or perhaps Strasburg is just that good. If predicted correctly, this would be Stras’ third Cy Young award (winning one in Washington as well) which would be a record.

Also receiving votes: Clayton Kershaw (CWS x6), Lucas Giolito (TBR x3), Danny Hultzen (SEA), Joba Chamberlain (TOR)


Sean Gilmartin (6 votes)

Maybe we do lack imagination? Or maybe it was Gilmartin’s 16 wins, 2.37 ERA, 229 Ks and 0.97 WHIP last season while playing in one of the toughest divisions in MLB Pro. Yeah, I’ll go with the latter.

Also receiving votes: Raynel Velette (WAS x3), Alberto Vega (NYM x3), Brandon Beachy (PHI), Wily Peralta (MIL), Mike Minor (COL), Tyler Pill (ATL), Michael Pineda (MIA), Madison Bumgarner (MIL), Tim Lincecum (SFG)


(aka the award where everybody voted for their own players)

Anthony Hale (4 votes)

Hale, the only player to receive more than one vote, came over to Baltimore in the Mothra trade and should get a ton of ABs for the O’s. He works hard and if he can keep his Ks down, he is gonna kill it with that power in that park.


Jed McKinley (7 votes)

The NL GMs obviously have more integrity as the votes were more concentrated on three or four guys with the odd exception. McKinley came up for a very brief spell in 2016 but played most of his ball at the A-Level. The Colorado brass believe he is ready though and it seems the MLB Pro GMs agree.

Also receiving more than one vote: Broderick Wilson (SD x2), Michael Matuella (SD x2)


Are you really surprised? After winning 103 and 104 games the last two seasons respectively, 9 MLB Pro GMs believe the Angels will take the AL crown for a third consecutive season.

Also receiving votes: Seattle Mariners (5), New York Yankees (3), Minnesota Twins, Detroit Tigers, Boston Red Sox (yes, really!)


The only team to represent the National League in the World Series on more than one occasion, the Mets received 7 votes from their MLB Pro brethren. Will they be the team that takes a World Series in the name of the National League?

Also receiving votes: Atlanta Braves (4), St. Louis Cardinals (3), Colorado Rockies (2), Philadelphia Phillies, San Francisco Giants, Chicago Cubs, Los Angeles Dodgers


That’s right. A menage trois of potential champions. The first two vote-leaders were already mentioned above; the Angels and the Mets each received four votes. The other team? The team whose GM once successfully managed to protest the all-star game and got it cancelled…the Seattle Mariners! It’s interesting that these are the only two AL teams that received votes to win the MLB Pro World Series this season. Maybe it’s finally the year the NL wins it all!

Also receiving votes: Colorado Rockies (2), Atlanta Braves (2), St. Louis Cardinals (2), Philadelphia Phillies, Chicago Cubs.