2018 International Signing Period

2018 International Signing Period

The 2018 International Signing Period will begin in just over a week. A formal announcement on the site, in Slack, and in e-mail will be made when the singing period is open.

That said, beginning today, players will be populating the in-game international amateur screen. NO OFFERS ARE TO BE MADE AT THIS POINT IN TIME!!!

Why is this the case?

Unlike the amateur draft pool which can be populated and corrected and fine-tuned months in advance of the draft, OOTP does not allow for a similar process to be done ahead of the international amateur class.

As such, I need to populate the class ahead of time and spend the next week or two tinkering in order to get real-life amateur prospects into the class.

At this point in time, players will be give a name along the lines of “DO NOT OFFER NOW” to help make this point clear. In addition, there is no need to scout players either, by cloning players the day before the signing period begins, we will be given fresh updates of these players.

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