2018 MLB Pro Award Winners


Gary Sanchez has been around MLB Pro enough to know a good hot streak when he sees one — and he got to see one firsthand all year. For his standout run through the 2018 season, he’s taking home the Most Valuable Player Award in the American League.

The Kansas City catcher put up a batting average of .321 with 17 doubles, 4 triples, 52 home runs and 156 RBIs.

Gary Copeland of the Minnesota Twins finished second in voting, while Bryce Harper of the Toronto Blue Jays finished third.


Josh Wilcox Named Premier NL Player: He may have less experience than most of his MLB Pro peers, but that didn’t slow Josh Wilcox down at all in 2018.

At the age of 24, the New York left fielder has been named the winner of the National League Most Valuable Player Award.

He had a .332 batting average and a .371 on-base percentage this year. In 153 games he piled up 192 hits, 27 doubles, 8 triples, 38 home runs, 117 RBIs and 104 runs scored.

“I’m blown away by the season I was able to put together,” he said. “I’m looking forward to trying to do it all again next year.”

Giancarlo Stanton of the San Diego Padres finished second in voting, while Anthony Hale of the San Francisco Giants finished third.


Cy Young Award Winner Announced: There’s less room in Nathan Eovaldi’s trophy case today after he brought home the 2018 American League Cy Young Award.

The talented Seattle Mariners star finished the year 20-7 with a 2.32 ERA. He struck out 187 in 233 innings while walking 51.

Ryan Copeland of the Los Angeles Angels finished second in voting, while Lucas Giolito of the Tampa Bay Rays finished third.


Washington Ace Wins NL Cy Young Award: The Washington Nationals have a rising superstar or maybe even a budding Hall-of-Famer in the making.
It’s Miguel Pineda, this year’s National League Cy Young Award selection. This blossoming hurler wowed fans, peers and sportswriters with a fabulous performance.

Pineda compiled a 17-8 record in 33 starts, tallied 141 strikeouts in 218 innings and recorded a 2.68 ERA. Other clubs managed only a .249 batting average against him.

Scott Clark of the Arizona Diamondbacks finished second in voting, while Parker Markel of the Los Angeles Dodgers finished third.


Toronto’s Inoa Reaps AL’s Rookie Award: Brian Inoa put together some impressive numbers for Toronto to garner enough votes for the American League Rookie of the Year Award.

The Blue Jays second baseman took the honor by hitting .290 in 154 games this season and finishing with 171 hits, 10 home runs, 52 RBIs and 90 runs scored.

Jorge Alvarado of the Chicago White Sox finished second in voting, while Porter Curran of the Chicago White Sox finished third.


Los Angeles Third Baseman Named NL’s Best Rookie: Javier García put together a sparkling rookie season to snag the National League’s Rookie of the Year Award for 2018.

In 161 games, the Los Angeles third baseman hit .292 with 186 hits, 25 home runs, 86 RBIs, 73 walks, 90 runs scored and a .365 on-base percentage.

Walker Buehler of the Miami Marlins finished second in voting, while Ryobe Kamida of the Philadelphia Phillies finished third.


AL Gold Glove Award Winners Announced: It’s been said that the best offense is a good defense. That’s why contending teams are always looking to improve on the defensive side of the game. Keeping runs from scoring is just as good as driving them in. The top fielders have been chosen in the American League for 2018. Here are the Gold Glove Award winners:

Pitcher: Brett Marshall (Tampa Bay Rays)
Catcher: Charles Cutler (Los Angeles Angels)
First Baseman: Tyler Townsend (Baltimore Orioles)
Second Baseman: Arturo Moreno (Texas Rangers)
Third Baseman: Miguel Sano (Minnesota Twins)
Shortstop: Manny Machado (Seattle Mariners)
Outfield: Desmond Henry (Chicago White Sox), Jeremy Sullivan (Oakland Athletics), Cade Cahill (Cleveland Indians)


NL Announces 2018 Top Gloves: Good defense can be the difference between taking the championship and coming in second. The National League announced its top defenders at each position today. Here are the Gold Glove Award winners for 2018:

Pitcher: Chris Volstad (Los Angeles Dodgers)
Catcher: Jonathan Lucroy (Cincinnati Reds)
First Baseman: Shane Opitz (Washington Nationals)
Second Baseman: Juan Hidalgo (Los Angeles Dodgers)
Third Baseman: Javier García (Los Angeles Dodgers)
Shortstop: Jurickson Profar (Los Angeles Dodgers)
Outfield: Hideaki Abe (Atlanta Braves), Luigi Rodriguez (Los Angeles Dodgers), Adam Eaton (Milwaukee Brewers)


Top Sluggers Win AL Silver Slugger Award Honors: For their standout offensive performances, the American League today announced the winners of the Silver Slugger Award. The winners for 2018 are:

Catcher: Gary Sanchez (Kansas City Royals)
.321/.369/.637, 573 AB, 52 HR, 2 SB, 156 RBI, 8.8 WAR

First Baseman: Gary Copeland (Minnesota Twins)
.324/.439/.594, 608 AB, 43 HR, 122 R, 132 RBI, 9.2 WAR

Second Baseman: Daniel Paolini (Los Angeles Angels)
.285/.376/.427, 611 AB, 16 HR, 18 SB, 105 R, 129 wRC+, 4.9 WAR

Third Baseman: Miguel Sano (Minnesota Twins)
.260/.304/.479, 634 AB, 34 HR, 121 RBI, 3.4 WAR

Shortstop: Miguel León (Chicago White Sox)
.260/.348/.421, 615 AB, 21 HR, 4 SB, 114 wRC+, 5.7 WAR

Nomar Mazara (Los Angeles Angels)
.326/.421/.523, 503 AB, 20 HR, 14 SB, 167 wRC+, 7.0 WAR

Jeremy Sullivan (Oakland Athletics)
.246/.312/.501, 641 AB, 44 HR, 24 SB, 121 RBI, 6.9 WAR

Bryce Harper (Toronto Blue Jays)
.303/.408/.509, 621 AB, 29 HR, 8 SB, 120 R, 160 wRC+, 8.5 WAR

Designated Hitter: Masutaro Ohayashi (Los Angeles Angels)
.260/.328/.467, 597 AB, 32 HR, 8 SB, 104 RBI, 2.3 WAR


Silver Slugger Award Winners Named for the NL: There was no shortage of offensive contribution from this year’s National League Silver Slugger Award honorees.

The winners were recognized today for their solid offensive contributions in 2018:

Pitcher: Jonathon Niese (New York Mets)
.288/.329/.379, 66 AB, 1 HR, 87 wRC+, -0.1 WAR

Catcher: Braulio Pardo (San Francisco Giants)
.304/.377/.515, 540 AB, 32 HR, 2 SB, 156 wRC+, 6.8 WAR

First Baseman: David Chester (Cincinnati Reds)
.300/.355/.558, 550 AB, 42 HR, 1 SB, 157 wRC+, 4.9 WAR

Second Baseman: Brett Lawrie (Milwaukee Brewers)
.267/.308/.476, 574 AB, 29 HR, 3 SB, 114 wRC+, 2.4 WAR

Third Baseman: Rosell Herrera (Milwaukee Brewers)
.299/.353/.505, 475 AB, 24 HR, 5 SB, 141 wRC+, 4.5 WAR

Shortstop: Jose Rosario (Atlanta Braves)
.261/.342/.456, 517 AB, 25 HR, 5 SB, 124 wRC+, 2.8 WAR


Josh Wilcox (New York Mets)
.332/.371/.604, 578 AB, 38 HR, 40 SB, 104 R, 117 RBI, 8.7 WAR

Center Fielder
Esteban Hernández (Milwaukee Brewers)
.329/.417/.516, 601 AB, 21 HR, 24 SB, 101 R, 167 wRC+, 6.6 WAR

Right Fielder
Giancarlo Stanton (San Diego Padres)
.309/.375/.612, 498 AB, 42 HR, 1 SB, 176 wRC+, 7.2 WAR


Paullus Named Top Reliever for AL: Robert Paullus came out of the bullpen and worked through tough situations all year, and for his performance he’s been named the recipient of the American League Reliever of the Year Award for 2018.

The 29-year-old out of Olive Branch, Mississippi captured the award with 17 saves in 70 relief appearances, 115 strikeouts in 87 innings and a record of 4 wins and 5 losses to go with his 1.45 ERA.

“I’m thankful, it’s a great honor,” he told Baseball News Network.

Kelvin Herrera of the Toronto Blue Jays finished second in voting, while Phillippe Aumont of the Tampa Bay Rays finished third.


Ibarra Gets Award for Relief Work: At the young age of only 24, Juan Ibarra has been named the National League Reliever of the Year Award winner for 2018.

The future appears bright for the Philadelphia Phillies relief ace, who captured the award with 44 saves in 79 relief appearances, 99 strikeouts in 84.2 innings and a record of 6-9 to go with his 2.55 ERA.

Dennis Moore of the Atlanta Braves finished second in voting, while Anthony Zych of the Atlanta Braves finished third.