2018 MLB Pro Draft Date

2018 MLB Pro Draft


The 2018 MLB Pro Draft will begin on MONDAY, April 16.

With the draft beginning on Monday, the final day for a team to sign any remaining compensation eligible player is FRIDAY, April 13.

Upon the completion of Friday’s sim (potentially Saturday morning depending on my schedule), the draft order and players will be moved over to StatsLab. At this point in time, the D-Backs will be able to make their selection. As this will still be a day or two prior to the official start of the draft, they will not be on a draft clock.

With the in-game draft date of June 8, we will about a month and a half to complete our usual 6 rounds via StatsLab, as well as plenty of time to create draft lists.

If it comes necessary, the draft timer WILL BE INSTITUTED. For the time being, I hope people can stay active checking via Slack and or StatsLab for updates. If timing becomes an issue, you will be notified via Slack that a pick must be made in X hours.  This aspect of the draft is subject to change at the discretion of Justin and myself.