2018 Revocable Waiver Week #1 Results

The deadline to place claims on players placed on revocable waivers for Week #1 has passed.  The results are below.


-Week 2 submission deadline is SATURDAY, AUGUST 11th — List must be submitted by 4 PM PST.

-If a player was claimed, the original team has the following three options…

  • Force the claiming team to take the player (Must notify Matt that this is the option you are taking by the start of the SATURDAY sim.)
  • Work on a trade with the team that won the claiming rights to the player, if for players on the 40-man roster, those PLAYERS MUST HAVE CLEARED WAIVERS AS WELL.  A trade may be made immediately for players NOT ON THE 40-MAN ROSTER!!!  The FINAL DAY TO SUBMIT A TRADE IS SIM TIME ON AUGUST 27TH!!!!
  • Pull the player off of waivers and keep him — he would be eligible for IRREVOCABLE WAIVERS later in the month.


  • They may be traded to ANYONE during the month.
  • Waive/DFA in-game, the player will not to be eligible to be claimed by anyone who went through waivers unclaimed via the revocable trade process. These players will be given a “DO NOT CLAIM” nickname.  

-Waiver priority is given by record worst to best in the league that the player comes from and then from worst to best in the opposing league.


Claimed Players
Team Player Winning Claim
Balitmore SP Joshua Hodges Houston
Balitmore SP Juan Romero Cleveland
Balitmore SP Lawrence Taylor Seatle
Balitmore SP Lucio Cruzado Houston
Balitmore SP Marcus Stroman Cleveland
Balitmore RP Alex Ramirez Chicago Cubs
Balitmore RP Scott Ronnenbergh Chicago Cubs
Balitmore C Sandy Leon Houston
Balitmore 3B Don Lund Houston
Balitmore 3B Rob Segedin Chicago White Sox
Balitmore SS Rafael Luna Houston
Balitmore LF James Baldwin Seattle
Balitmore LF Stephen Brown Toronto
Balitmore CF Johnny Cook Houston
Balitmore RF David Kandilas Tampa Bay
Chicago White Sox RP Victor Mejia Boston
Chicago White Sox RP Robert Morey LA Angels
Chicago White Sox C Joe Maloney Tampa Bay
Chicago White Sox 1B Chris Marrero Tampa Bay
Chicago White Sox 1B Richie Shaffer Baltimore
Chicago White Sox CF Desmond Henry Seattle
Chicago White Sox RF Antonio Diaz Baltimore
Cincinnati SP Martin Perez LA Dodgers
Cincinnati CL Joel Hanrahan Colorado
Houston RP Michael Kohn LA Angels
Houston SS Jorge Martinez Cleveland
Kansas City RP Domingo Tapia Houston
Kansas City RF Antonio Guzman Chicago Cubs
LA Angels RP Brett Cecil Toronto
Philadelphia SP Brad Peacock Chicago Cubs
Philadelphia RP Shawn Tolleson Cincinnati
Tampa Bay SP Austin Brice Cincinnati
Tampa Bay SP Gabriel Guerrero Baltimore
Tampa Bay SP Joan Guerrero Baltimore
Tampa Bay SS Chris Roberts Baltimore
Tampa Bay LF Ty Morrison Chicago White Sox
Toronto RP Shane Lindsay Boston
Toronto SS Dan Price Chicago White Sox
Toronto LF J.D. Martinez Cincinnati
Unclaimed Players
Team Player
Arizona SP Aaron Sanchez
Arizona RP Sammy Conner
Arizona RP Evan Rutckyj
Arizona 3B Drew Maggi
Balitmore SP Antonio Pacheco
Balitmore SP John Gast
Balitmore RP David Richardson
Balitmore C Tommy Joseph
Balitmore 1B Tyler Townsend
Balitmore 2B Ryan Wright
Balitmore SS Carlos Moran
Balitmore LF Eddie Rosario
Balitmore RF Ruben Sierra jr.
Chicago White Sox RP Edgmer Esaclona
Chicago White Sox RP Bobby Jenks
Chicago White Sox RP Joe Kelly
Chicago White Sox C Mark Brown
Chicago White Sox 2B Juan Cintron
Chicago White Sox 2B D.J. Fitzgerald
Chicago White Sox 2B Jose Ramirez
Chicago White Sox 3B Kolbrin Vitek
Chicago White Sox RF Yoan Alcantara
Chicago White Sox RF Chia-Ching Ling
Cincinnati 2B Dustin Pedroia
Cincinnati CF Brandon Short
Cleveland SP Justin Masterson
Cleveland RP Egan Smith
Cleveland C Kurt Suzuki
Cleveland SS Asdurbal Cabrera
Cleveland 3B Tony Thompson
Cleveland LF Jaff Decker
Houston SP Ian Kennedy
Houston SP Joba Chamberlain
Houston RP Andrew Walter
Houston RP Donnie Joseph
Houston RP Gregory Infante
Houston C Tony Sanchez
Oakland SP Matt Moore
Philadelphia RP John O'Quinn
Philadelphia OF Kirk Nieuwenhuis
Tampa Bay SP Brian Matusz
Tampa Bay MR Alexander Colome
Tampa Bay MR Joshua Corrales
Tampa Bay MR Rafael Diplan
Tampa Bay MR JP Howell
Tampa Bay C Doug Pickens
Tampa Bay 1B Thomas Field
Tampa Bay SS Freddy Galvis
Tampa Bay LF Chih-Hsien Chiang
Toronto RP Zach Quate

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