2018 Revocable Waiver: Week 3

The following players have been submitted to the league office for revocable waivers.

Waiver priority is given by record worst to best in the league that the player comes from and then from worst to best in the opposing league.

If you would like to submit a claim, please email or Slack Matt  — claims are due by Wednesday, Aug. 22nd @ 4 PM PST.

American League Players
Team Player
Boston SP Daniel Hudson
Boston SP Juan Nicasio
Boston SP Neftali Feliz
Boston CL Fautino de los Santos
Boston OF Dominick Brown
Chicago White Sox RP Josh Smith
Chicago White Sox 2B Brodie Greene
Chicago White Sox LF Floyd Wallace
Cleveland SP Manuel Cordova
Cleveland RP Alex Collins
Cleveland C William French
Cleveland DH Kelvin Mena
Houston SP Pat Crosby
Houston SP Shao-qu Fung
Houston RP Lopahin Sachko
Oakland SP Sonny Gray
Oakland 1B Paul Goldschmidt
Toronto OF Carlos Moncrief
National League Players
Team Player
Cincinnati SP Albert Suarez
Cincinnati SP Chris Sale
Cincinnati SP Matthew Spalding
Cincinnati RF Arturo Cruz
Cincinnati RF Augusto Garcia
Colorado SP Mike Minor
Colorado SP Robert Bradford
Colorado SP Roberto Padilla
Colorado RP Craig Benningson
Colorado RP Edwin Carl
Colorado RP Kyle Roliard
Colorado C Josh Elander
Colorado C Justin O'Conner
Colorado 2B Ryan Jackson
Colorado SS Jake Lemmerman
Colorado 3B Erik Castro
Colorado OF Corey Dickerson
Colorado OF Jared Mitchell
Colorado OF JP Ramirez
Colorado OF Jose Ramirez
St. Louis C Christian Vazquez
St. Louis C Ryan Jenkins
St. Louis 3B Christopher Hawkins
St. Louis LF Justin Upton


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