2018 Winter Meetings – Rule Proposals

League Office Unveils Three Proposals For League Vote

January 8, 2018

The following rule proposals are to be voted upon by the members of the league.



Proposal 1: Allow teams to hire coaches away from other teams.

In real-life, we see MLB managers and coaches receive MLB Managerial jobs. With this proposal, teams would be able hire away BENCH, HITTING, or PITCHING coaches AS MLB MANAGERS.


At the start of the off-season, every team would be allowed to protect ONE of their: bench, hitting, OR pitching coaches. A list of all protected coaches would be published to the site.

Similar to the revocable waiver process, teams will submit bids for coaches a series of deadlines. A bid would be placed in the form of the new contract you would be giving the coach [Tiebreaker would be 1) Total money and 2) Win total from previous season].

Bids must be for at minimum 150% of the current contract.  In addition to paying the new contract, the winning bid MUST ALSO PAY 50% of the current remaining contract to the team that they are taking the coach away from home.

The HIGHEST bid will be listed in a post on Day X and the team for which the coach is already working for will have X number of days to match the new contract OR let the coach go.

The team that placed the bid on the coach would have one more opportunity to offer an even bigger contract to the coach. Again, the original team can either decline to match or match this offer. 

A team may lose no more than 1 coach per off-season. If more than one coach is offered per team, the coach with the highest bid will be the one lost.


Team A protects it’s hitting coach….

Team B makes an offer on Team A’s pitching coach (current salary: 500,000 for 2 years) for 1,000,000 for 2 years….

Team A declines to match.

Team B is awarded Team A’s pitching coach AS Team B’s MANAGER (Again, can do this to hire a manager — and MUST KEEP AT MANAGER, NO SWITCHING!!!!).

Team B pays the new manager $1,000,000 for the two years + pays Team A $500,000

Proposal 2: Eliminate ability for teams to “demote” coaches.

This proposal would eliminate the ability to assign any coach to a different duty than the one he holds while he has remaining time left on a contract.

The middle of the season shuffling of minor-league managers or of a bench coach to hitting coach, etc…etc..is something that is deemed unrealistic. This proposal would make it illegal to do this.

Proposal 3: Eliminate the process of releasing Rule V picks only to reacquire via trade in order to avoid Rule V limitations.

With this rule change, following the Rule V draft, teams would no longer be able to release a selected player back to its original team and immediately reacquire the player via trade without the restrictions of the Rule V draft.