2019 Autopsy Report: Arizona Diamondbacks

It’s going to be a busy day at the morgue today! A glut of teams have been eliminated since our last post on the New York Yankees

The 7th team eliminated, and 5th in the National League, is the Arizona Diamondbacks. Despite the big pickup of overseas two-way player, Shohei Ohtani, the Diamondbacks pretty much knew that 2019 wasn’t going to be their year. They did have a number of talented young prospects hit the bigs though, and their future is as bright as ever.

Time of Death: Saturday, September 7th, at 7:16 PM PST when backup catcher Matt Hanson grounded out to first, giving the Reds a 5-3 win over the Diamondbacks.

Cause of Death (Primary): Immaturity. The DBacks are going to be great, but that greatness wasn’t coming in 2019. They have a young squad though – they had less than 200 innings thrown by players over 27 and only 42 PA by a position player over 30. With young stars abound, the 2020 Diamondbacks end result could look a lot like the 2019 Houston Astros.

Secondary Issues: Inexperienced Starting Pitching. Starting pitching is typically the hardest thing for an organization to develop, and it showed on this years Diamondbacks. Only ace Scott Clark and the now-injured Ohtani are started with a better than league average ERA. Young arms Morales and Hauck weren’t “bad” but for them to advance to the top of the NL West they’ll need them (or the strong AAA SP prospects a’comin) to be better.

Left to Play For: Well, had I written this post in a timely fashion, they’d have had some spoiler chances having just finished 7 against the Reds and Mets. As it stands now they host the Reds this weekend and the Fish who are hanging on next week. After that it’s 6 with the Padres and a possibly interesting series hosting Cards. I think it’d be a nice finish for them to get to 70 wins (need to go 9-6).

2020 Outlook: In a word, rosy. The prospects are coming, or have already arrived. The injuries to Ohtani and Vlad Jr definitely are a downer, but I think with more callups and experience next year, the Diamondbacks will be on everyone’s watch list next year.