2019 Autopsy Report: Detroit Tigers


Welcome to the 2nd Autopsy report for 2019 – if you didn’t get a chance to read the one for the Pirates, take a look

Our 2nd team eliminated in 2019 is the Detroit Tigers – a team that really didn’t have super high hopes in 2019. They battled hard, found some good trades for aging vets and live to fight another day in 2020

Time of Death: Wednesday August 28th, 7:31 PM PST, when the Mariners wrapped up their win over the Yankees, thus eliminating the Tigers from post-season play.

Cause of Death (Primary): Old Age. This once great Tigers team, which made the AL Playoffs 4 straight seasons from 2014-17, just flat out got old. Joey Votto is 35. Ryan Zimmerman is 34. Since-departed ace Josh Johnson is 35. This list goes on. Talent ages out and can become hyper-expensive. Those 3 were ticketed to make $68mm this year – it’s hard to keep kickin with that kind of weight.

Secondary Issues: Much like the Pirates, Team Stats do the Tigers no favors. They’re basically a bottom-3 or -5 team is most main team statistical categories.

Left to Play For:┬áHonestly, not much. They’re a stout 3.5 games “back” of the Pirates for the 1st pick. The Pirates might not win more than a handful, so that’s a tall order. Not even a great spoiler possibility. 5 games left hosting Minnesota, and a 3-game set in Cleveland mid-month. Other than that, it’s teams who you’ll see written about here sooner rather than later.

2020 Outlook: Still likely to be rough. They’re a bit ahead of the Pirates in this regard, but still a long way from the target of competition. Mark Lopez might end up a nice future pen piece. Jose Campos might be in the future rotation. Buxton will be given every opportunity to prove he can stick. Michael Sharp and Raul Aguilera up the middle, too. Anthony Chapman and Ricardo Rosa probably get long looks for the 2020 team. Still some solid assets to move for pieces, Joey Votto is one year cheaper now and almost moved at the deadline. They’re not rounding a corner yet, but they can at least envision said corner.