2019 Player Auction List

Chicago Cubs RP Eric Brown Solid depth reliever who has posted a mid-3.00s ERA in AAA each of the past two seasons and had a 10+ K/9 in MLB in 2017. Above average pitches and stuff.
Oakland A's Matt Moore Moore posted a 1.8 WAR over 138 IP in 2018. Is is a classic #4, innings-eating rotation stalwart.
Cincinnati Reds P- Darin Gorski Very good control. Can be a starter or reliever
Houston Astros SS Mark Johnston (MLB) Johnston is a solid MIF with a good bat & 0 service time
Chicago White Sox P Josh Smith (AAA) League minimum salary, 4 pitches, a combined 3.7 WAR over the past two seasons at AAA. Good depth in case of injury, or a ML long reliever. Could be a SP5 in a pinch. Team leader type personality. Left-handed.
Colorado Rockies RP – Grant Dayton (AA) Duarble Lefty with 3 plus pitches. Organizational depth hasn't afforded him an opportunity in Colorado.
Tampa Bay Rays RP – Chad James Lefty who can start in a pinch, 3:1 K:BB in AAA Durham last season
Toronto Blue Jays C Horm Horn (AAA) A solid backup/3rd string catcher with option years remaining. He has had great success, and good ratings, versus LHP.
Washington Nationals Jimmy Reyes Reyes has three pitches and all his ratings are at 55 or higher. He split time between the ML club and AAA last year. At AAA he showed a 1.64 ERA in 33 innings. He is a solid reliever and the Nats simply don’t have room for him in the ML pen.
Los Angeles Dodgers Ryan Casteel, C Has yet to make an impact at the big league level, but is set to in 2019. Good backup, borderline starter.
Baltimore Orioles JaDamian Williams, LF Switch-hitting corner outfielder ready for the big leagues. Great backup or 4th outfielder.
Cleveland Indians DH Kelvin Mena Better suited as a DH but I've seen worse starting catchers, Mena is a decent on-base guy who had a bit of a down year in 2018. Solid bounceback candidate.
Boston Red Sox Kazuya Takano SP/RP Above average pitcher who can start or can work out of jams in relief as well.


Baltimore Orioles Eddie Rosario, LF After several successful years at AAA the 27 year old righty deserves as chance at the big league level. Solid defender, balanced bat.
Toronto Blue Jays RP Jeremy Gabryszwski 25 year old back of the bullpen reliever, with 2 option years remaining and a career 3.88 ERA at the MLB level. He has a plus Fastball, Slider and quality changeup.
Colorado Rockies DH – Tadanobu Ogawa (AAA) Good DH platoon vs. Righties with good athleticism on the base paths. Great personality makeup.
Houston Astros SP Wayne Ready (MLB) Wayne has 2 elite pitches with a 3rd not far behind. 0 service time, 3 options and coming off of a dominant season at A-ball
Cincinnati Reds P- Jack Duffy A good starter who needs a spot in a rotation somewhere
Washington Nationals Mace Thurman Thurman split time between the ML team and AAA last year. The Nats don’t have room for him in the ML pen next season. He has an outstanding curveball and good stuff.
Boston Red Sox Ho Ha OF Young lefty corner OF who hit .307 in 41 games last season.
Los Angeles Dodgers Brady Rodgers, SP 3.91 ERA in 2017 mostly as a starter. Groundball pitcher, option years remaining.
Cleveland Indians P Bartolo Medina Had a great 2018 in AAA. Went 6-2 in 9 starts with a 2.38 ERA. A GB pitcher (53.6% GB) with good velocity.
Chicago White Sox 2B Asdrubal Cabrera (ML) Entire salary is paid by previous teams. Acquired by us before we also acquired Juan Francisco and Eric Thames. Zero salary dependency. Still an effective MI.
Tampa Bay Rays Kyle Seager, 2B/3B Solid IF with .893 OPS in AAA Durham last season



Boston Red Sox Neftali Feliz SP He hates Boston and will most likely flourish elsewhere.
Cleveland Indians P Richard Owens Suffered from a skyhigh BABIP in AAA in 2018 but had a solid 4.25 k/bb ratio
Chicago White Sox RP Michael Blake Left-handed reliever who pitches just as well vs RH batters. Combined .519 OPS vs LH and RH batters in 2018 between White Sox and Diamondbacks. Neither side batted over .200 against him. On a league minimum salary and not yet arb eligible this coming off-season.
Houston Astros RP El'Hajj Muhammad (MLB) Muhammad is the oddman out as we try to call up some youngsters and have some FA offers out
Baltimore Orioles David Hernandez, P The veteran right-hander has 4 strong pitches and tons of experience at the Majors. Bargain potential!
Colorado Rockies RP Eury Delarosa (AAA) Lefty w/ two plus pitches including nasty change up. Had some nice success at AAA last year.
Cincinnati Reds P- Daniel Tenholder When he is on, his stuff is undeniable.