2019 Postseason Primer






Players Considered The Most Important For Playoff Success

  • Jurickson Profar: If the Dodgers are going to win in Colorado and then beat San Francisco, Profar must perform at a high-level.
  • Jeremy Sullivan: He’s had a down year for the Blue Jays, and in order for them to win the AL, they are going to need someone outside of Stanton and Harper to mash their way to the world championship.
  • Justin Verlander: If Verlander can shut down Gary Copeland and help the Jays get past Minnesota, his ability to be a shutdown arm, gives Toronto a big advantage in a potential matchup with Los Angeles.
  • Ryan Copeland: The Angels lineup is not a question mark, it’s pitching staff is. Coming off of a late-season injury, will Copeland give the Angels what they need?
  • Clayton Kershaw: Potentially ready for a game four start in the NLDS, if 100%, Kershaw’s return is a big boost to a Cardinals team that many seem to be overlooking.
  • Daniel Schlereth: The Giants bullpen ranked 8th in the National League. While the back-end had great numbers, they all had hiccups at times. The Giants have enough to go far, but they need Schlereth to avoid any late-inning mistakes.