5 Upcoming Trades

Sorry, I don’t make the rules.

This trades are required to happen, so make it happen people.

Atlanta trades:
RF Armando Cabañas (ML)
SP Mark Appel (ML)

Seattle trades:
SP Kyle Cody (ML)
RF Nick Williams (ML)
SS Jared Stevens (A+)
CF Jaime Vega (A)
SP John Butler (AAA)
SP Matthew Thompson (R)
SS Fernando Leguizamo (A-)
SS Royce Lewis (AA)
SP Eric Braun (A-)
SP Dani Hernández (A)
RF Elliot Jenkins (AA)

So fuck the AL West.
Soze has the farm system & the ability to win now to make this deal, and still retain 3 future big league rotation guys and 4-5 big league league lineup additions, while rounding out his god squad in the Pacific Northwest.
He would bring back the best player in the league, the one guy who could be considered better than Nomar Mazara, and while losing Cody may hurt them a touch this season, he gets back a perrennial Cy Young winner that he would be able to try to sign to a reasonable extension.
Yes, he’s giving up a ton, but coming from my first hand experience of negotiating a trade for Cabañas, this is the kind of deal that would have to be made to get it done.
Irb is able to get back the kind of superstar talent he desires in a deal, and plenty of it. Cody has the chance to become an ace, with more talent in his pinky than most players in the big league have in their whole body, just inconsistencies that could be fixed with the right coaching. Williams gives the Braves a solid OFer who can play a little ball, albeit, not quite as good as Cabañas. Butler, Braun, Thompson & Hernández give the Braves some solid pitching depth, even if none is clearly projected to be the ace in Atlanta’s future plans. Lewis, Leguizamo and Stevens end up as the Braves future infield, from left to right, all providing some solid skills at the plate, especially Stevens & Lewis, while Leguizamo plays elite defense at SS. Jaime Vega & Elliot Jenkins end up in the OF with Williams, with Vega as the potential superstar in this deal, especially considering his flashy defense in CF.

Milwaukee trades:
SP Shelby Miller (ML)

Los Angeles trades:
1B Bryan Hennessey (A)
SS Adam Smith (R)
SP Brady Singer (AA)

The Angels aren’t dumb. They know a Mariners team with Cabañas will be able to catch them in the division, or at the very least beat them in the playoffs. The Angels also know that they need starting pitching, especially as Josh Johnson goes to Toronto, Brady Aiken goes to Atlanta and Mark Appel is out for the year.
This leaves them with a few options, but the, by far & away, best option on the market is Milwaukee’s Shelby Miller. He’s signed for 3 more seasons after this year, totaling right around $34 million for the time remaining on his contract. Miller is currently in the running (arguably top 3) for the NL Cy Young award, and since 2016, he has been one of the most consistent pitchers, getting better each season as he consistently pitches close to 200 innings.
In return, the Brewers would getting back a nice package of prospects. Hennessey was a 3rd rounder from last season, and his bat looks like a future middle of the order force. He’s on pace for 20 HR over his first 162 games in the minors, and most scouts don’t think he’s even tapped into his raw power. Adam Smith would be another solid return for the Brewers, as the 2nd rounder from last year has the skills to be an every day SS, providing potentially Gold Glove caliber defense. Singer is the third piece in the deal, and while he has some big raw potential, some scouts are low on him, especially after the Yankees organization bailed on their 2nd rounder in a trade for a AAA reliever.

Blue Jays trades:
SP Sixto Sanchez (AA)
SP Pat Swain (ML)
3B Nolan Gorman (A-)

Mets trades:
SP Jon Lester (ML)
2B Bill Johnson (R)

This deal likely won’t happen, since Mitch has never made a deal that he could lose.
The only way this deal gets done is if on the day of the trade deadline, Mitch internally freaks out that he needs that one last piece, a la the Cubs with Aroldis Chapman in real life. This deal could be the one that puts the Blue Jays over the top though, as it gives them one of the top lefties in the league this season, and it should be noted that the Angels and Indians are both much worse versus lefties this season.
In return, the Mets finally admit that their run is over. It comes to a sad ending, not even a dumpster fire in last place. But in return for trading their ace, they get back Sixto, who could take Lester’s rotation spot as early as next season, they add in Pat Swain, who has been a solid pitcher for the Blue Jays this season, and they get a big power hitting corner infielder in Gorman, who maybe becomes a dude in the Mets organization. Yes, they do have to move Johnson, who has great hit tools for a 2B, but they can live with that due to the solid return they’d be getting.

San Diego trades:
SP Michael Matuella (ML)

Cincinnati trades:
1B/SP Bryan Owen (A+)
SP Hunter Greene (A+)
CF Silas Porter (A)

The Reds have been interested in every major trade piece so far this season, but the only deal they’ve been apart of was…. selling Nolan Arenado to the Twins. Then they found themselves get hot, and they’re potentially one piece away from truly being able to compete with St. Louis. The issue is the only prospects they have with any real value are Bryan Owen and Hunter Greene, who are both top 100, possibly bordering on top 50, prospects.
If the Reds are to give up those two (and more) in a deal, they need to be getting back a controllable asset that is a game changer for them now, and in the future. Matuella is that guy, after posting 10 WAR over his first 86 starts in the ML. He will still be under control for 3 more seasons after this, and can be the ace with Chris Sale starting to age (and returning from injury).
Why does San Diego do this deal though? Well, they get back another SP in Hunter Greene, who could become Matuella in a few years time, which may work better with their window, as it’s clearly not working now. Then they get one of the most intriguing prospects in the league, Bryan Owen, who hits like Armando Cabañas (albeit while playing 1B) and pitches like Zach Greinke. And they add a toolsy CF in Porter, who maybe profiles best as a AAAA guy, but there is some talent there.

Los Angeles trades:
SP Keith Bowman (AAA)
SS Logan Davidson (A+)
C Clint Smith (AAA)

Washington trades:
RF Rymer Liriano (ML)

The Dodgers have ZERO players with double digit home runs. Despite having no power threats in their lineup, they’ve been able to win lots of games, putting them squarely in the playoff hunt. They have a solid offense and good pitching, solid enough to make prospects Juan Soto & Jerry MacDonal untouchable, especially with both nearing their debut. But getting a bonafide slugger is a necessity as October draws closer.
Yes, Washington is still in the playoff hunt, but they’re realistically on the outside looking in, currently 6.5 back in the wild card. Getting back a premier pitching prospect and a future everyday shortstop in a deal would certainly be enticing, as they look to retool and attack next year. Clint Smith would also be a really solid backup to breakout star Ed Palmer, giving 3 legitimate pieces to the Nationals.