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PlayerNicknamePosFromToOOTP Link
Tim MacGregor+1B20162018OOTP Page
Manny Machado+SS20122019OOTP Page
Jeffrey MacIntosh+SP20172019OOTP Page
Xavier Macklin+CF20162018OOTP Page
Jack MacNeill+1B20142019OOTP Page
William Maddox+SP20172018OOTP Page
Alberto Madrid+LF20132019OOTP Page
Pedro Magana+MuggSP20182019OOTP Page
Joshua Magee+2B20162019OOTP Page
Drew Maggi+SS20152018OOTP Page
Matt Magill+MR20142016OOTP Page
Paul MaholmSP20122015OOTP Page
Martin MaldonadoC20122015OOTP Page
Vicente Maldonado+CF20162019OOTP Page
Randy Maley+CF20182019OOTP Page
Austin Malinowski+SP20172019OOTP Page
Joe Maloney+C20182019OOTP Page
Matt Maloney+MR20122018OOTP Page
Arturo Maltos-Garcia+SP20182019OOTP Page
Jake Mann+SP20182018OOTP Page
Ronald Manning+MR20182018OOTP Page
Santo Manzanillo+MR20142017OOTP Page
Dillon Maples+MR20152015OOTP Page
Jorge Marban+CL20152019OOTP Page
Shaun Marcum+SP20122018OOTP Page
Jhan Marinez+MR20122013OOTP Page
Nick MarkakisRF20122015OOTP Page
Parker Markel+SP20142019OOTP Page
Justin Marks+MR20162019OOTP Page
Chris Marlowe+MR20172017OOTP Page
Carlos MarmolCL20122017OOTP Page
Alexander Marquez+C20172017OOTP Page
Chris Marrero+1B20122018OOTP Page
Christian Marrero+1B20132014OOTP Page
Deven Marrero+SS20152019OOTP Page
Brett Marshall+SP20142019OOTP Page
Sean Marshall+MR20122017OOTP Page
Lou Marson+C20122016OOTP Page
Felix Marte+RF20182019OOTP Page
Jefry Marte+1B20172019OOTP Page
Luis Marte+MR20122017OOTP Page
Starling MarteCF20122016OOTP Page
Ethan MartinSP20142014OOTP Page
Leonys Martin+LF20122017OOTP Page
Russell Martin+C20122019OOTP Page
William Martin+MR20182018OOTP Page
Alfonso Martínez+MR20162019OOTP Page
Alonso Martínez+2B20172019OOTP Page
Brandon Martinez+SP20152019OOTP Page
Carlos E. Martinez+SP20142019OOTP Page
Cristhian MartinezMR20122013OOTP Page
Emílio Martínez+CF20172019OOTP Page
Fernando Martinez+LF20122017OOTP Page
J.D. Martinez+LF20122019OOTP Page
Javier Martínez+1B20172019OOTP Page
Jonathan Martinez+MR20152019OOTP Page
Jorge Martínez+SS20162019OOTP Page
Jorge Martinez+SS20162017OOTP Page
Lino Martinez+MR20152018OOTP Page
Osvaldo MartinezOzzie2B20122014OOTP Page
Porfirio Martinez+MR20132016OOTP Page
Victor MartinezV-Mart1B20132014OOTP Page
Addison Maruszak+SS20122019OOTP Page
Rich Mason+SP20182018OOTP Page
Tracy Mass+SP20192019OOTP Page
Nick Masset+MR20122019OOTP Page
Tyler Massey+LF20122018OOTP Page
Chris MastersSP20122012OOTP Page
Justin Masterson+SP20122018OOTP Page
Carlos Mateo+MR20182018OOTP Page
Daniel Mateo+SS20142016OOTP Page
Santiago Mateo+DH20122018OOTP Page
Joe MatherLF20122016OOTP Page
Tabito MatsuoSS20132016OOTP Page
Preston Mattingly+LF20122019OOTP Page
Michael Matuella+SP20162019OOTP Page
Brian Matusz+SP20122019OOTP Page
Steven Matz+SP20162019OOTP Page
Tyler Matzek+SP20182018OOTP Page
Joe Mauer+C20122019OOTP Page
Jose Mavare+MR20142018OOTP Page
Justin MaxwellCF20122015OOTP Page
Cameron Maybin+CF20122019OOTP Page
Stu Mayer+LF20182018OOTP Page
Pratt Maynard+C20162016OOTP Page
Nomar Mazara+RF20152019OOTP Page
Cory Mazzoni+MR20152017OOTP Page
Zach McAllister+SP20122018OOTP Page
Mike McBryde+CF20122018OOTP Page
Mark McCain+CL20192019OOTP Page
Brian McCann+C20122019OOTP Page
James McCann+C20172019OOTP Page
Nick McCoy+C20192019OOTP Page
Jason McCracken+MR20172019OOTP Page
Lance McCullers+SP20172019OOTP Page
Nick McCully+MR20142019OOTP Page
Andrew McCutchen+CF20122018OOTP Page
Daniel McCutchenMR20122012OOTP Page
Bobby McDonald+CF20192019OOTP Page
James McDonald+MR20122018OOTP Page
Kenneth McDowall+CL20162019OOTP Page
Jake McGeeMR20122016OOTP Page
Casey McGehee1B20122012OOTP Page
Dustin McGowanSP20122014OOTP Page
Michael McKenry+C20122013OOTP Page
Roy McKenzie+CF20182019OOTP Page
Jed McKinley+C20162019OOTP Page
Andrew McKirahan+MR20152017OOTP Page
Ben McMahan+RF20172017OOTP Page
Reginald McMillan+SP20182019OOTP Page
Kyle McPherson+MR20132019OOTP Page
Daniel MeadowsMR20152016OOTP Page
Bartolo Medina+SP20172019OOTP Page
Kris MedlenMR20122016OOTP Page
Evan MeekMR20122014OOTP Page
Javier Mejía+SP20182018OOTP Page
Jenrry Mejia+MR20132017OOTP Page
Víctor Mejía+GraveyardCL20132019OOTP Page
Mark Melancon+MR20122019OOTP Page
Kelvin Mena+C20172019OOTP Page
Carlos Mendez2B20142014OOTP Page
Luis Mendez+2B20162017OOTP Page
Roman Mendez+MR20132015OOTP Page
Tommy Mendoza+MR20132017OOTP Page
Anthony Meo+MR20132019OOTP Page
Roque Mercedes+MR20152015OOTP Page
Jordy Mercer+SS20142014OOTP Page
Devin Mesoraco+C20122019OOTP Page
Alex MeyerSP20152015OOTP Page
Jonathan Meyer+3B20152018OOTP Page
Carlos Meza+SP20142019OOTP Page
Levi Michael+2B20142019OOTP Page
Kam Mickolio+MR20122018OOTP Page
Greg Miclat+2B20132019OOTP Page
Will Middlebrooks+3B20122019OOTP Page
Miles Mikolas+MR20132014OOTP Page
Wade MileySP20122013OOTP Page
Jayson Miller+LF20132013OOTP Page
Jim MillerMR20122016OOTP Page
Shelby Miller+SP20122019OOTP Page
Adam Milligan+CF20132018OOTP Page
Stanley Mills+2B20172019OOTP Page
Tom Milone+MR20122018OOTP Page
Bobby Milton+MR20182019OOTP Page
Mike Minor+SP20122018OOTP Page
D.J. Mitchell+CL20122019OOTP Page
Jared Mitchell+CF20122019OOTP Page
Sergio MitreMR20122014OOTP Page
Masanobu Mochizuki+SP20142019OOTP Page
Yadier Molina+C20122019OOTP Page
Carlos Moncrief+RF20152019OOTP Page
Jim Monk+C20152019OOTP Page
Alex Monsalve+C20172018OOTP Page
Lou MontanezLF20132013OOTP Page
Jesus Montero+DH20122019OOTP Page
Miguel MonteroC20122017OOTP Page
Mark Montgomery+MR20132019OOTP Page
Mike Montgomery+SP20122019OOTP Page
Dennis Moore+ShadowCL20172019OOTP Page
Dennis Moore+SS20172019OOTP Page
Jeffrey Moore+CF20162018OOTP Page
Jeremy Moore+RF20122016OOTP Page
Logan Moore+C20162019OOTP Page
Matt Moore+MR20122019OOTP Page
Tyler Moore+1B20122019OOTP Page
Alfredo Morales+3B20182019OOTP Page
Andrew Morales+SP20182019OOTP Page
Franklin Morales+MR20122016OOTP Page
Kendrys Morales+1B20122014OOTP Page
Rafael Morales+MR20172017OOTP Page
Brian MoranMR20132015OOTP Page
Carlos Morán+SS20172018OOTP Page
Julio Morban+CF20142016OOTP Page
Brent Morel+3B20122018OOTP Page
Mitch Moreland+1B20122018OOTP Page
Arturo Moreno+2B20172019OOTP Page
Henry MorenoC20142016OOTP Page
Robert Morey+MR20162018OOTP Page
Shawn Morimando+MR20162019OOTP Page
Justin Morneau1B20122016OOTP Page
Bryan Morris+MR20122019OOTP Page
Hunter Morris+1B20162016OOTP Page
Eric Morrison+C20182019OOTP Page
Logan Morrison+LF20122019OOTP Page
Michael Morrison+MR20142019OOTP Page
Ty Morrison+LF20132019OOTP Page
Brandon Morrow+SP20122019OOTP Page
Mike Morse1B20122016OOTP Page
Taylor Morton+SP20172018OOTP Page
Arnold Moser+RF20182019OOTP Page
Jason MotteCL20122017OOTP Page
Mike Moustakas+3B20122019OOTP Page
Tony Mueller+RF20152019OOTP Page
El'Hajj Muhammad+MR20182018OOTP Page
Edward Mujica+MR20122017OOTP Page
Casey Mulligan+MR20132019OOTP Page
Trent MummeyCF20152016OOTP Page
Daniel Muno+SS20142017OOTP Page
Jim Munroe+SlayerMR20182018OOTP Page
Daniel Murphy+1B20122018OOTP Page
+ = active player
Bold = Hall of Famer
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