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PlayerNicknamePosFromToOOTP Link
Lopahin Sachko+SoapyMR20162019OOTP Page
Connor Sadzeck+MR20172019OOTP Page
Fernando Salas+MR20122019OOTP Page
Emílio Salazar+RoadblockSP20192019OOTP Page
Adrian SalcedoMR20162016OOTP Page
Chris Sale+SP20122019OOTP Page
Doug Salinas+MR20132014OOTP Page
Jarrod Saltalamacchia+SaltyC20122015OOTP Page
Keyvius Sampson+SP20142019OOTP Page
Eduardo Sanchez+MR20122019OOTP Page
Esteban Sánchez+1B20172019OOTP Page
Gaby Sanchez+1B20122016OOTP Page
Gary Sanchez+C20122019OOTP Page
Hector SanchezC20122012OOTP Page
Isaac Sanchez+MR20182019OOTP Page
Jonathan Sanchez+MR20122015OOTP Page
Juan Sánchez+LF20192019OOTP Page
Leopoldo Sanchez+MR20142018OOTP Page
Luis Sánchez+C20182018OOTP Page
Tony Sanchez+C20122019OOTP Page
Victor Sanchez+MR20172019OOTP Page
Pablo Sandoval+3B20122019OOTP Page
Jerry Sands+LF20122019OOTP Page
Miguel Sano+3B20152019OOTP Page
Alex Santana+1B20162019OOTP Page
Carlos Santana+C20122016OOTP Page
Daniel Santana+LF20172019OOTP Page
Domingo Santana+RF20152016OOTP Page
Ervin SantanaSP20122015OOTP Page
Hector Santiago+MR20122019OOTP Page
Ramon Santiago2B20122012OOTP Page
Claudio Santos+BlackjackMR20192019OOTP Page
Sergio SantosCL20122013OOTP Page
Philiberto Sapani+CF20172017OOTP Page
Dave Sappelt+LF20122019OOTP Page
Yosuke Sasaki+2B20192019OOTP Page
Teika Satake+Mothra1B20142018OOTP Page
Joe SaundersSP20122017OOTP Page
Scott Savastano+SS20122016OOTP Page
Chris Scalise+SP20172019OOTP Page
Cody Scarpetta+MR20122017OOTP Page
Jordan SchaferCF20122013OOTP Page
Logan Schafer+CF20122018OOTP Page
Jeff Schaus+RF20152019OOTP Page
Tanner Scheppers+MR20132019OOTP Page
Max Scherzer+SP20122019OOTP Page
Jake Schlander+2B20162017OOTP Page
Garrett Schlecht+LF20172019OOTP Page
Daniel Schlereth+MR20122019OOTP Page
Clate Schmidt+MR20172019OOTP Page
Konrad SchmidtC20122015OOTP Page
Rob Schmitt+SP20192019OOTP Page
Ralph Scholl+CF20192019OOTP Page
Jonathan Schoop+SS20122017OOTP Page
John Schultz+RF20162019OOTP Page
Clayton Schulz+MR20152016OOTP Page
Skip SchumakerLF20122014OOTP Page
Michael Schwimer+MR20122019OOTP Page
Chad Scott+SlayerSS20152019OOTP Page
Jeremy Scott+3B20192019OOTP Page
Tayler Scott+MR20172018OOTP Page
Marco Scutaro2B20122014OOTP Page
Corey Seager+3B20162019OOTP Page
Kyle Seager+2B20122017OOTP Page
Ross Seaton+MR20142018OOTP Page
Luis Seda+2B20182019OOTP Page
Rob Segedin+3B20152019OOTP Page
Jean Segura+2B20122019OOTP Page
Tadahisa Sekine+2B20172017OOTP Page
Alejandro Selen+2B20162019OOTP Page
Justin Sellers+2B20122015OOTP Page
Neil Sellers1B20122012OOTP Page
Tyson Seng+MR20172019OOTP Page
Leyson Septimo+MR20162017OOTP Page
Antonio Sepulveda+1B20182018OOTP Page
Jorge Serrano+MR20152019OOTP Page
Luis Serrano+RF20142019OOTP Page
Mark SerranoSP20142014OOTP Page
Janser Severino+MR20142019OOTP Page
Jake Shadle+MR20152016OOTP Page
Richie Shaffer+1B20162019OOTP Page
Michael Sharp+SS20182019OOTP Page
Bryan Shaw+CL20152019OOTP Page
Travis Shaw+3B20162019OOTP Page
John Shelby Jr.CF20122014OOTP Page
George SherrillMR20122015OOTP Page
Paris Shewey+MR20172017OOTP Page
James ShieldsSP20122017OOTP Page
Aaron Shipman+LF20182018OOTP Page
Brandon Short+LF20122019OOTP Page
Roderick Shoulders+Rock1B20162019OOTP Page
J.B. Shuck+LF20122017OOTP Page
Scott Shuman+MR20172018OOTP Page
Isacco Sico+1B20172019OOTP Page
Moises Sierra+RF20122018OOTP Page
Ruben Sierra Jr.+LF20172019OOTP Page
Cisco Silva+MR20182018OOTP Page
Julián Silva+1B20142019OOTP Page
Omar Silva+C20172019OOTP Page
Rubi Silva+RF20172018OOTP Page
Alfredo Silverio+LF20132019OOTP Page
Andrelton Simmons+SS20122019OOTP Page
Alfredo SimonMR20122014OOTP Page
Trey Simon+2B20182019OOTP Page
Jon Simpson+SP20192019OOTP Page
Lucas Sims+MR20182019OOTP Page
Jonathan Singleton1B20122014OOTP Page
Steven Singleton+2B20122016OOTP Page
Grady SizemoreRF20122014OOTP Page
Tyler Skaggs+SP20132019OOTP Page
Kyle Skipworth+C20142019OOTP Page
Jacob Skole+RF20152019OOTP Page
Joshua Slaats+MR20162017OOTP Page
Richard Slack+RF20142019OOTP Page
Edward Small+SP20192019OOTP Page
Aaron Smith+MR20182019OOTP Page
Brad Smith+MR20192019OOTP Page
Dave Smith+Mr. XSP20182019OOTP Page
Egan Smith+MR20132019OOTP Page
Joe SmithMR20122016OOTP Page
Josh Smith+MR20182018OOTP Page
Pavin Smith+1B20192019OOTP Page
Scott Smith+1B20182018OOTP Page
Seth SmithLF20122015OOTP Page
Will Smith+SP20132019OOTP Page
Dwight Smith Jr.+DH20162019OOTP Page
Justin Smoak+1B20122016OOTP Page
Jake Smolinski+LF20152015OOTP Page
Matthew Smoral+MR20172019OOTP Page
Drew Smyly+SP20122016OOTP Page
Blake Snell+MR20182019OOTP Page
Travis SniderRF20122013OOTP Page
Janelfry Snover+MR20142017OOTP Page
Brad SnyderRF20122012OOTP Page
Chris SnyderC20122013OOTP Page
Eric Sogard+SS20122018OOTP Page
Donovan SolanoSS20122014OOTP Page
Jhonatan Solano+C20122018OOTP Page
Ramiro Solano+SP20182019OOTP Page
Yangervis Solarte+3B20152016OOTP Page
Mike Solaz+3B20172019OOTP Page
Ali SolisC20162016OOTP Page
Júlio Solís+RF20142019OOTP Page
Andy SonnanstineSP20122013OOTP Page
Marco Sorensen+The MurphMR20182019OOTP Page
Mark Sorensen+SP20132019OOTP Page
Joakim Soria+MR20132018OOTP Page
Ariel Soriano+RF20192019OOTP Page
Rafael SorianoCL20122015OOTP Page
Henry Sosa+MR20122013OOTP Page
Geovany SotoC20122018OOTP Page
Juan Soto+RF20192019OOTP Page
Júlio Soto+3B20192019OOTP Page
Neftali Soto+1B20122019OOTP Page
Matthew Spalding+MR20152019OOTP Page
Denard SpanCF20122014OOTP Page
Cory Spangenberg+2B20152019OOTP Page
Taylor Sparks+3B20172019OOTP Page
Josh Spence+MR20122019OOTP Page
George Springer+CF20152019OOTP Page
Daniel Stange+MR20122012OOTP Page
Cody Stanley+C20152017OOTP Page
Giancarlo Stanton+BigfootRF20122019OOTP Page
Bubba Starling+CF20142019OOTP Page
Max Stassi+C20142018OOTP Page
Tim StaufferSP20122015OOTP Page
Shawn Stephens+SP20182019OOTP Page
Robert Stephenson+MR20182019OOTP Page
Felix Sterling+MR20172019OOTP Page
Trent Stevenson+MR20162019OOTP Page
Chris StewartC20122013OOTP Page
John Stilson+SP20172019OOTP Page
Bobby Stone+1B20172019OOTP Page
Davis Stoneburner2B20132013OOTP Page
Drew Storen+MR20122019OOTP Page
Trevor Story+3B20172019OOTP Page
Joe Stout+1B20192019OOTP Page
Bryce Stowell+MR20142015OOTP Page
Stephen Strasburg+SP20122019OOTP Page
Huston Street+CL20122019OOTP Page
Marcus Stroman+SP20162019OOTP Page
Pedro Strop+MR20122017OOTP Page
Drew StubbsCF20122013OOTP Page
Michael Stutes+MR20122019OOTP Page
Albert Suarez+SP20142019OOTP Page
Jeremy Sullivan+CF20172019OOTP Page
Matthew Summers+MR20192019OOTP Page
Andrew Susac+C20172017OOTP Page
Bradley Suttle+1B20132017OOTP Page
Jun'ichi Suzuki+C20142014OOTP Page
Kunitaro Suzuki+2B20132019OOTP Page
Kurt Suzuki+C20122018OOTP Page
Pat Swain+SP20132019OOTP Page
Cole Swanson+SP20162019OOTP Page
Dansby Swanson+SS20182019OOTP Page
Anthony SwarzakMR20122013OOTP Page
Ryan SweeneyRF20122016OOTP Page
Rod Swift+SP20192019OOTP Page
Blake Swihart+C20142019OOTP Page
Michael Swinson+CF20162018OOTP Page
+ = active player
Bold = Hall of Famer
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