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Noteworthy Matchups
1 game on:

May 23, 2019 at 3:30 pm
Atlanta Braves 30-21 (1st), On Road: 16-9
San Francisco Giants 33-16 (2nd), At Home: 18-6
Season Series:
Atlanta Braves 0 vs. 3 San Francisco Giants
4 games starting with:

May 23, 2019 at 3:35 pm
Tampa Bay Rays 28-20 (1st), On Road: 15-9
Cleveland Indians 26-22 (2nd), At Home: 15-10
Season Series:
Tampa Bay Rays 0 vs. 0 Cleveland Indians
3 games starting with:

May 24, 2019 at 1:05 pm
Atlanta Braves 30-21 (1st), On Road: 16-9
St. Louis Cardinals 31-18 (1st), At Home: 18-7
Season Series:
Atlanta Braves 2 vs. 1 St. Louis Cardinals
3 games starting with:

May 24, 2019 at 3:35 pm
Texas Rangers 30-18 (2nd), On Road: 14-8
Los Angeles Angels 36-14 (1st), At Home: 19-7
Season Series:
Texas Rangers 2 vs. 5 Los Angeles Angels
3 games starting with:

May 24, 2019 at 7:05 pm
Chicago White Sox 26-23 (3rd), On Road: 13-12
Minnesota Twins 28-20 (1st), At Home: 13-10
Season Series:
Chicago White Sox 0 vs. 0 Minnesota Twins
Things To Watch For
Team Win/Loss Streaks
The Giants host Atlanta while on a 9 game winning streak
The Royals host New York while on a 8 game losing streak
The Dodgers take their 5 game losing streak to Pittsburgh
The Blue Jays host Boston while on a 4 game winning streak
The Red Sox take their 4 game losing streak to Toronto
Player Streaks
SP Max Scherzer (NYM) has won 7 consecutive games.
MR Wayne Powers (NYY) has won 7 consecutive games.
2B Joe Panik (SF) has scored a run in each of his last 11 games.
MR Brett Cecil (MIL) has won 6 consecutive games.
SP Brett Marshall (TBR) has won 6 consecutive games.
SP Masanobu Mochizuki (SD) has won 6 consecutive games.
C Ed Palmer (WAS) has hit a home run in 3 consecutive games.
RF Jacob Skole (TEX) has hit a home run in 3 consecutive games.
CL Robert Paullus (NYY) hasn't blown a save in 24 chances.
SP Andrew Morales (ARI) is on a 7 game losing streak.
On Disabled List/Recovering From Injury
PlayerTmInj StatusDL LeftInj Left
Kyle FunkhouserLAADTD (99%)Not on DL1
Nomar MazaraLAAOut01
Mike TroutLAAOut02
Bobby JenksMILDTD (99%)Not on DL2
Ian KennedyMILNow healthy00
Arinori AraiNYYDTD (98%)Not on DL1
Lucas EdgarOAKDTD (98%)Not on DL1
António CruzSTLOutNot on DL2
Hot/Cold Lists
Hot Batters
Rodrigo EspinozaTBR.397162541601.11716 gms
Anthony HaleSF.437193171701.31118 gms
Jacob SkoleTEX.426132641341.18815 gms
George SpringerATL.34781751811.24017 gms
Miguel VelazquezNYY.3472026122411.30318 gms
Hot Pitchers
Bill BlackCHW30028.01.93240.79.1654 gs
Walker BuehlerMIA11026.02.77310.77.1914 gs
Paul EricksonLAA20611.70.00170.69.16710 app
Daniel SchlerethSF00710.31.74130.87.17611 app
Justin VerlanderTOR30027.72.93290.90.1924 gs
Cold Batters
Orlando ArciaPIT.10235011.31617 gms
Paul ArringtonNYY.10504010.25515 gms
Guy CarterOAK.183811032.46918 gms
Emílio MartínezPHI.159411051.40917 gms
Darwin PerezSEA.11137020.29916 gms
Cold Pitchers
Tim JamesHOU0107.711.7442.74.3332 gs
Jason McCrackenBAL04111.36.3592.12.3409 app
Brandon MorrowLAA03014.39.42122.30.3813 gs
Connor SadzeckARI0113.714.7313.82.5005 app
Matthew SpaldingCIN02011.313.50102.65.4264 app
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Friday, May 24th, 2019
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