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Noteworthy Matchups
4 games starting with:

May 22, 2017 at 7:05 pm
Los Angeles Angels 35-11 (1st), On Road: 15-8
Tampa Bay Rays 25-21 (2nd), At Home: 17-8
Season Series:
Los Angeles Angels 0 vs. 0 Tampa Bay Rays
3 games starting with:

May 22, 2017 at 7:05 pm
Minnesota Twins 26-16 (2nd), On Road: 10-7
Baltimore Orioles 21-22 (4th), At Home: 9-10
Season Series:
Minnesota Twins 0 vs. 0 Baltimore Orioles
4 games starting with:

May 22, 2017 at 7:35 pm
Pittsburgh Pirates 22-22 (2nd), On Road: 9-14
Atlanta Braves 23-19 (2nd), At Home: 10-8
Season Series:
Pittsburgh Pirates 1 vs. 2 Atlanta Braves
3 games starting with:

May 23, 2017 at 7:10 pm
St. Louis Cardinals 19-24 (5th), On Road: 7-9
Los Angeles Dodgers 30-16 (2nd), At Home: 16-7
Season Series:
St. Louis Cardinals 0 vs. 0 Los Angeles Dodgers
3 games starting with:

May 23, 2017 at 7:10 pm
San Diego Padres 31-16 (1st), On Road: 14-9
New York Mets 26-17 (1st), At Home: 15-9
Season Series:
San Diego Padres 0 vs. 0 New York Mets
Things To Watch For
Team Win/Loss Streaks
The Diamondbacks host Chicago while on a 6 game losing streak
The Pirates take their 6 game winning streak to Atlanta
The Rays host Los Angeles while on a 6 game winning streak
The Yankees host Kansas City while on a 5 game losing streak
The Padres take their 5 game winning streak to New York
Player Streaks
MR Jorge De Leon (SEA) is on a 12 game losing streak.
CL Brandon Creath (PHI) hasn't blown a save in 39 chances.
MR Chance Ruffin (MIN) has won 8 consecutive games.
MR Adam Wainwright (BOS) is on a 10 game losing streak.
MR Paul Clemens (DET) has won 7 consecutive games.
SP Trevor Bell (LAA) has won 7 consecutive games.
SP Joe Saunders (LAD) has won 7 consecutive games.
MR Josh Beckett (ARI) is on a 9 game losing streak.
MR Carlos Pina (NYY) has won 6 consecutive games.
SP Jake Odorizzi (SD) has won 6 consecutive games.
On Disabled List/Recovering From Injury
PlayerTmInj StatusDL LeftInj Left
Antonio GarzaATLDTD (85%)Not on DL3
Brett GardnerCLEOut01
Vito MaasPHIOutNot on DL1
Taylor LindseySDOut02
Cristo OrtegaSFOutNot on DL3
Hot/Cold Lists
Hot Batters
Jason CastroSEA.288101761501.12016 gms
Jose GonzalezMIL.338132341391.00418 gms
Nomar MazaraLAA.391162551621.19917 gms
Josh VittersKC.360192792601.17219 gms
Steve WinterCHC.36414202521.04616 gms
Hot Pitchers
Brett AndersonDET21028.31.27280.78.1844 gs
Nathan EovaldiSEA30029.31.84240.82.1484 gs
Tadakuni FujitaTOR30029.31.53170.72.1354 gs
Lucas GiolitoTBR20029.00.62350.59.1174 gs
Matt LollisSTL30026.01.04180.77.1873 gs
Cold Batters
William BeckwithOAK.169612280.56919 gms
Zack CozartTOR.190511030.42016 gms
Dexter FowlerSF.11967161.42618 gms
Troy TulowitzkiNYM.11967160.38217 gms
Xue-liang WongTEX.175310150.46315 gms
Cold Pitchers
Jose ArredondoDET1306.39.9552.53.3797 app
Martires CadetATL~0205.021.6033.80.5002 gs
Bobby JenksCHC0106.317.0573.16.4068 app
Ryan KempHOU~0202.022.5036.00.6923 app
Bud Norris~0204.329.0853.69.4402 gs
~ indicates no longer with team (demotion, trade, etc.)
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Wednesday, May 24th, 2017
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