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Noteworthy Matchups
2 games starting with:

Jul 16, 2019 at 7:05 pm
San Francisco Giants 55-39 (2nd), On Road: 27-21
Colorado Rockies 57-38 (1st), At Home: 29-20
Season Series:
San Francisco Giants 5 vs. 6 Colorado Rockies
4 games starting with:

Jul 18, 2019 at 3:05 pm
New York Mets 48-45 (2nd), On Road: 22-29
San Francisco Giants 55-39 (2nd), At Home: 28-18
Season Series:
New York Mets 2 vs. 1 San Francisco Giants
4 games starting with:

Jul 18, 2019 at 7:10 pm
St. Louis Cardinals 57-36 (1st), On Road: 25-21
Cincinnati Reds 50-42 (2nd), At Home: 29-16
Season Series:
St. Louis Cardinals 6 vs. 2 Cincinnati Reds
4 games starting with:

Jul 18, 2019 at 7:20 pm
Washington Nationals 48-45 (3rd), On Road: 18-28
Atlanta Braves 53-43 (1st), At Home: 26-21
Season Series:
Washington Nationals 5 vs. 0 Atlanta Braves
3 games starting with:

Jul 19, 2019 at 10:10 pm
Los Angeles Angels 59-37 (1st), On Road: 29-20
Seattle Mariners 56-41 (2nd), At Home: 28-20
Season Series:
Los Angeles Angels 6 vs. 10 Seattle Mariners
Things To Watch For
Team Win/Loss Streaks
The Tigers take their 7 game losing streak to Cleveland
The Marlins host San Diego while on a 5 game losing streak
The Orioles host Washington while on a 4 game losing streak
The Nationals take their 4 game winning streak to Baltimore
The Royals host Chicago while on a 4 game winning streak
Player Streaks
SP Pat Swain (TOR) has won 9 consecutive games.
SP Jonathan Arias (COL) has won 8 consecutive games.
MR Jose Campos (DET) is on a 11 game losing streak.
SP Abel M. De Los Santos (SD) is on a 10 game losing streak.
MR Matthew Smoral (SEA) is on a 9 game losing streak.
MR Casey Crosby (CHW) is on a 9 game losing streak.
CL Robert Paullus (SF) hasn't blown a save in 28 chances.
MR Brett Cecil (MIL) has won 6 consecutive games.
SP Broderick Wilson (SD) has won 6 consecutive games.
SP Dylan Bundy (SEA) has won 6 consecutive games.
American League Batting Triple Crown Contenders
Kaleb CowartLAA419.3037th225th832nd
Edgardo ArredondoHOU391.29213th371st861st
Nomar MazaraLAA314.3232nd198th695th
Giancarlo StantonTOR413.3028th264th647th
Gary CopelandMIN413.3153rd198th5612th
National League Batting Triple Crown Contenders
Ryobe KamidaPHI403.3224th241st566th
Braulio PardoSF392.30212th203rd761st
David ChesterCIN351.29616th222nd5011th
Joc PedersonCOL394.29218th175th547th
Armando CabañasATL418.29019th175th5011th
American League Pitching Triple Crown Contenders
Danny HultzenSEA149.72.101st141st1323rd
Bill BlackCHW125.72.293rd122nd1128th
Justin HooperSEA124.33.049th104th1451st
Jordan LylesLAA129.03.0710th95th1382nd
Shawn StephensCLE121.32.524th104th9815th
National League Pitching Triple Crown Contenders
Kolby AllardCIN139.72.131st102nd1285th
Lance McCullersMIA120.32.172nd75th1303rd
Clayton KershawSTL126.32.567th93rd1322nd
Alberto VegaNYM126.32.9214th93rd1591st
Shelby MillerMIL134.72.343rd84th10512th
Batters With A Chance To Hit .400
Jed McKinleyCOL351114303.37621392.434
On Disabled List/Recovering From Injury
PlayerTmInj StatusDL LeftInj Left
Ricardo CorderoBOSOutNot on DL2
Daniel HudsonBOSNow healthy00
Richard AlvarezCHCDTD (99%)Not on DL1
Dustin O'NealCHCNow healthy00
J.D. MartinezCINDTD (97%)Not on DL3
Julio A. TorresCLEDTD (99%)Not on DL3
Carlos CorreaCOLDTD (98%)Not on DL6
Ronnie KandilasDETNow healthy20
Kyle FunkhouserLAADTD (100%)Not on DL4
Raul RiveroLADNow healthy10
Juan SánchezMILDTD (99%)04
Nolan ArenadoMINOut05
Dave WilsonMINOut06
Cory SpangenbergOAKOut04
Will ChambersSDOutNot on DL1
Edwin RodgersTBRDTD (99%)02
Justin UptonTBROut01
Hot/Cold Lists
Hot Batters
Edgardo ArredondoHOU.3521419101831.32315 gms
Alex BregmanPIT.40710222851.06615 gms
David ChesterCIN.367101871401.27313 gms
Danny EspinosaCIN.36681551121.21513 gms
Nomar MazaraLAA.443122741531.28015 gms
Hot Pitchers
Kolby AllardCIN30030.30.59300.92.2064 gs
Dylan BundySEA40030.00.90230.77.1554 gs
Juan IbarraPHI00712.70.00130.63.1439 app
Tim LincecumSF22031.32.87340.80.1514 gs
Alberto VegaNYM30021.01.71330.67.1693 gs
Cold Batters
Mark JohnstonMIN.14387032.44314 gms
Russell MartinNYM.00000010.0387 gms
Juan PérezTEX.12114020.26410 gms
Brendan RodgersNYY.06512000.26810 gms
Christian YelichSTL.09814031.25813 gms
Cold Pitchers
Jimmy BannatyneNYY0003.015.0024.67.4174 app
Casey CrosbyCHW0104.316.6234.15.4765 app
Yosuke IchikawaCIN0204.711.5742.79.4175 app
Manuel ReyesCOL0205.76.3583.00.3702 gs
Will SmithPIT12015.07.8062.13.3183 gs
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