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Noteworthy Matchups
1 game on:

Apr 18, 2018 at 1:10 pm
Texas Rangers 13-6 (1st), On Road: 7-2
Tampa Bay Rays 12-5 (2nd), At Home: 7-2
Season Series:
Texas Rangers 0 vs. 2 Tampa Bay Rays
1 game on:

Apr 18, 2018 at 7:35 pm
Philadelphia Phillies 10-7 (2nd), On Road: 5-6
Atlanta Braves 10-7 (3rd), At Home: 5-3
Season Series:
Philadelphia Phillies 3 vs. 2 Atlanta Braves
3 games starting with:

Apr 19, 2018 at 7:35 pm
New York Mets 11-6 (1st), On Road: 5-1
Atlanta Braves 10-7 (3rd), At Home: 5-3
Season Series:
New York Mets 0 vs. 0 Atlanta Braves
2 games starting with:

Apr 20, 2018 at 6:40 pm
San Diego Padres 12-7 (1st), On Road: 3-3
Arizona Diamondbacks 9-7 (2nd), At Home: 5-2
Season Series:
San Diego Padres 0 vs. 0 Arizona Diamondbacks
2 games starting with:

Apr 20, 2018 at 7:10 pm
Minnesota Twins 12-4 (1st), On Road: 4-1
Tampa Bay Rays 12-5 (2nd), At Home: 7-2
Season Series:
Minnesota Twins 0 vs. 0 Tampa Bay Rays
Things To Watch For
Team Win/Loss Streaks
The Rays host Texas while on a 6 game winning streak
Player Streaks
SP Jordan Zimmermann (SF) has won 9 consecutive games.
MR Dan Runzler (COL) is on a 10 game losing streak.
SP James Kaprielian (HOU) is on a 9 game losing streak.
MR Jonathan Martinez (LAD) is on a 9 game losing streak.
SP Brady Aiken (BAL) has won 6 consecutive games.
MR Antonio Bastardo (SEA) has won 6 consecutive games.
SP Chris Volstad (MIL) has won 6 consecutive games.
C Gary Sanchez (KC) record an RBI in his last 10 games.
MR Mark Melancon (PIT) is on a 8 game losing streak.
CL Kenneth McDowall (MIN) hasn't blown a save in 26 chances.
On Disabled List/Recovering From Injury
PlayerTmInj StatusDL LeftInj Left
Luis SerranoCHWOut01
José NúñezCOLOutNot on DL1
Mitch MorelandMIADTD (98%)Not on DL1
Norm RolliMIAOut01
Melvin BlakeLAANow healthy00
Ronald ManningLADOut04
James ShieldsLADNow healthy00
Addison ReedMILOut04
Max ScherzerNYMDTD (99%)Not on DL2
Manny BanuelosOAKDTD (98%)13
Prince FielderSDOut02
Bubba StarlingSEADTD (99%)02
António CruzSTLDTD (99%)Not on DL3
Miguel RamírezTEXDTD (99%)Not on DL4
Hot/Cold Lists
Hot Batters
Nick FranklinTOR.373142251111.13617 gms
Bryce HarperTOR.333132051311.15118 gms
Braulio PardoSF.356102151511.11915 gms
Nick WilliamsSEA.364102441021.08416 gms
Christian YelichSTL.39015234831.09316 gms
Hot Pitchers
Brady AikenBAL40028.31.27250.99.1883 gs
Heath BellCOL01811.31.59100.62.12811 app
Sean GilmartinPHI30030.01.50311.00.2254 gs
Keyvius SampsonMIN20030.72.05330.82.1804 gs
Justin VerlanderTOR30033.32.16270.90.1864 gs
Cold Batters
Javier BaezCHC.15059050.37117 gms
Brandon CrawfordSF.14067140.38914 gms
Juan Carlos EstradaOAK.09875010.33615 gms
Mariano GonzálezNYY.192514251.51818 gms
Jong-your KimHOU.12216020.28315 gms
Cold Pitchers
Michael BowdenBOS0001.716.2026.00.6363 app
Matt CainCHW03021.39.28151.97.3474 gs
Yosuke IchikawaCIN02010.312.19112.81.3918 app
Lance LynnTEX02016.35.51102.08.4124 gs
Tom WilhelmsenCHW0203.714.7343.27.3894 app
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