Arizona Diamondbacks Trade Block

Significant Pieces:

3B Lonnie Chisenhall — All Star 3B, walk year. Projects at .280, 20 HR … again.

SP Trevor Cahill — Walk-year or team option. Consistent, 4th/5th-starter.

C Kurt Suzuki — Walk-year; if you want a catcher who can hit for the stretch run, look no further.

SP/RP K.Jouda — Popular LHP w/ stamina, maybe LH-specialist.


Spare Parts:

1B/2B J.Lopez — decent hitter, versatile fielder, could help on the bench. Hasn’t vested yet.

SP K.Drabek — better than the sum of his attributes.

IF/OF H.Rodriguez — can play almost anywhere, just not very well (or I’d keep him). Versatile player for a contender’s bench.

OF J.Danks — superior defensive OFer with speed, suspect hitter.

OF E.Inciarte (AAA) — odd man out.

IF C.Owings — odd man out, bench player.

I’m already paying these salaries (minimum for most), so I gain little by cutting them before the end of the season. If you want them, make an offer (cash accepted).


Free To A Good (or not-so-good) Home:

SP/RP Josh Beckett
LF David Murphy

If you think either can help you, do speak up. Operators are standing by.