Arizona Diamondbacks Trade Block

Here are the rental-type players which rebuilding-mode Arizona would consider moving before the deadline.  In return we are looking for prospects (under-25, not on the 40-man, options remaining), with a preference for SP but anyone who is projected to be useful within 2-3 years would be considered.  I will not be taking on any bad contracts in return (I have enough of those already).

3B Lonnie Chisenhall.  Highly consistent over his MLB-Pro career: .281/.325/.467 (20 HR, 75 RBI), solid defender, LH batter.  Final year at $10M salary.  I may still extend his contract, so make a solid offer if you want him.

2B/1B Jose Lopez.  Also consistent: .271/.306/.451 across his career.  Versatile: can play 2B/1B/3B capably.  Affordable $2.9M this season with vesting option for same amount next season.  I wouldn’t mind keeping him for his consistency and versatility, so the offer needs to be respectable.

SP Trevor Cahill.  Consistent and reliable SP, could be a decent #3-5 for a contender.  $13M this season, grandfathered team option for next season.

C Kurt Suzuki.  $3.5M in walk-year, would re-sign for half that.  .260/.350/.390 in limited action this season.  Solid veteran/bench option for a contender.

Other players might be available as throw-ins, but I am looking to clear salary so no one else is available without moving one of the above salaries.  Baker and Clark aren’t available under any circumstances.