Blue Jays Find Their Man

Mitch Bannon Named New GM of Blue Jays

Hope springs eternal.

At least that was the mood of the press conference when it was announced that Mitch Bannon would be the new GM of the Toronto Blue Jays. Team owners and fans are really enthused about the signing and are looking forward to the upcoming season.

“I’m very honored to be working for the fans of the Blue Jays. We have several questions to resolve, and a wholesale team assessment to perform, along with time constraints to consider,” Bannon told reporters at the press conference. “Baseball is a year-round job these days, and I’m fortunate to be working with the ownership.”

Reports out of Colorado suggest Rockies owner Charlie Monfort was furious when he found out Bannon was interested in the Toronto opening. Monfort fired Bannon prior to the deal with Toronto being completed.