Boston Deadline Block

SP Lester - Would be a tremendous help to a playoff team.  ERA in the high 3's despite playing on our horrible team.

SP Worley - Team leader who needs a change od scenery.  Last year of contract  thats super low.

SP Wainwright - Possible FA at seasons end, player option next season.  Could add a spec to help move him.

SP Jouda - Lefty with two years left at 6.5m with last one being vesting option.  Has put up a solid 3.86 era since coming to Boston.

1B Blanks - 1B/OF that's playing well below his ratings.  Anothe guy who needs out of Boston to improve.

3B Darnell - Popular clubhouse guy.  Still under club control for two more years!

3B Middlebrooks - 65 rating at 3b, could put up better numbers with more pt.  Two years left under 10m with last year a vesting.

OF Joyce - Solid LF in the final year of his contract, final year won't vest.  Can provide much needed depth in a playoff run.




There are others that could be moved as well, but pretty much anyone younger than 29 that wasn't listed won't likely be moved.  I can take back an expiring contract to make some of these guys move if it helps.


Looking to rebuild a little, nothing full blown.  Main need will be SP's with groundball tendencies and specs that are in AA or higher. 

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