BREAKING NEWS: Pirates and Royals Make Changes

MLB Pro General Manager Vacancies Filled

Pittsburgh Pirates Owner and CEO Robert Nutting and advisors had spent the past few days interviewing prospective General Manager candidates. After much back and forth amongst those in key positions with the franchise, Nutting announced the hiring of John Yuda early in the afternoon.

With the news of Yuda taking over in Pittsburgh, it appeared that the revolving door in front-offices across MLB Pro had come to an end. That is until a sudden departure took place in Kansas City. The Royals, led by 83-year old owner David Glass wasted no time in finding their new General Manager as they quickly announced the hiring of Rob Chapman.

Rob Chapman will have a lot of pressure on in his new role with the Kansas City Royals.

In his introductory press conference Chapman told the media, “I’m going to be busy, that’s for sure.”