Oakland Athletics Trade Block

Look to start building towards mediocrity in Oakland.  Here’s what I’ve got:


The Probably Nots:

  • SS Andrés Yánez – I can’t envision a team being willing to pay what it would take for me to move him.
  • OF Joc Pederson – Despite what the writers of fake news and alternative facts have said about me needing to trade him, I’m more inclined to build around him.
  • 2B Luis Seda – I love this guy like a child.  The only thing causing me to consider moving him is that he’s pretty far away.
  • SP Rod Cunningham – Injured, out for the year, not selling low
  • SP Jeremy Benson – SP is my greatest area of need, and he’s a pretty good SP prospect.  He probably bridges the gap between these guys and the following group

Available for Good SP:

  • OF Stephen Brown – the ratings are there, the defense is there, the intangibles are there, but the numbers haven’t shown up yet
  • OF David Vargas – according to some sources, the top prospect in MLB Pro right now
  • OF Jeremy Sullivan – 70 power potential that my scout thinks is ready right now, plus great defense in CF or RF
  • 1B Lewis Allen – Massive power with acceptable defense
  • OF Lucas Edgar – profile comparable to Stephen Brown with a bit more power and a bit less defense
  • RHP Jesús Torres – My scout loves him and sees him as a SP.  Even if he’s not that, he’s got the upside of an elite RP.

Random Available Useful Pieces:

  • C Larry Gonzalez – Has turned his offense around this year, could be a starter for teams in need of a C, great leadership, and two years of arbitration left
  • 2B Jason Kipnis – This is a pure dump on my part.  He’s as cheap as they come.  He’s not hitting for me, and his salary is chewing up space on the books.  If you like him, come get him.
  • 1B/3B Matt Carpenter – A great start to the season for me, signed very reasonably through 2019, profiles as an average starter for teams in need of offense or an excellent bench bat.
  • OF John Drennen – basically the OF version of Carpenter without the hot start with the bat.  

If you see anyone else in my organization that interests you, just let me know.  My current needs are pitching, pitching, and more pitching.  Not looking for lottery ticket prospects that are years away from helping.  

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Baltimore Orioles Spring Training Trading Block

The Baltimore Orioles announce that the following players are available for trade.   PITCHER Enriquez Pacheco – RHP – Reliever – 27 yrs – report 70-50-45, strong MR guy with lot of stuff. Could be in setup/closer for some teams.   INFIELDER Ryan Gennett – LHB – 2B/IF – 27 yrs – report 60-55-40. Good numbers, solid ratings.  Bobby Borchering – […]

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Orioles’ Teika Satake available

The new Orioles management is looking to move the ballclub in a slightly different direction. “I prefer to built a team around strong pitching and defense and therefor I already informed some of our players that we might consider their trade” GM Pauckstadt stated and continued “It’s no secret that I love brain, arm and glove behind the plate, so we came to the conclusion that Tommy (Joseph) will mainly serve as DH with only backup duties behind the plate in 2017.


That means Teika Satake could be available for another team.”


Left-batting Teika Satake collected a .312 BA with 106 HRs in 436 games with the Orioles since 2014.

Baltimore is looking for a starting pitcher at the top of the rotation about the same age and contract load as Satake.

Feel free to contact me via slack pm or email.

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Indians offseason trade block

The Indians are looking to retool this offseason and certain players are truly available for the first time with NOBODY being untouchable. Just because I am looking to retool, does not mean I am giving guys away


I am looking for prospects at any position but preferably SP, C, 2B & SS or cost-controlled players at the same positions. I am also not looking to take salary on.


These are players in order of how much I am wanting in return


Danny Espinosa – Arguably the best 2B in baseball, it’s gonna take a lot to get him. I would prefer to move James Shields or Asdrubal Cabrera with him as Espy’s contract is very favourable.


Zack Greinke – Elite SP who will be hard to get due to his expiring contract and my wanting to clear salary


Mike Minor – Had over 200 IP despite his injury history the last couple of seasons. On a “down year” still posted solid numbers and is a top lefty SP.


Brett Gardner – The best defensive CF in MLB Pro and a true threat on the bases, Gardner is a bit cheaper than these other guys but still won’t be cheap.


Others I will be looking to move are Tom Milone, Pasqualino Carosi, Jaff Decker and of course James Shields and Asdrubal Cabrera.


Anyone else you’re interested? Just ask. Email is best (aydendugmore@yahoo.com) although I do quite like Slack as well so PM me there if you like.


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