Colorado Rockies 2018-19 Off-season Trade Block

MLB Starting Pitching:

 - 30yr/old - Mike Minor - due 18.4 Mil this year and 19.4 next.  Significant Salary retention available here.  He logged 160+ innings last year at a 1 WAR

- 28yr/old - Tyler Anderson - Ready to bring his 4 plus pitches to the major leagues

 - 25yr/old - Ty Hensley - Ready for the majors but no clear path for him in Colorado despite my scout saying he is a solid mid rotation starter

- 26yr/old - Peter Tago - Currently injured for a few more months.  Great addiiton to a staff to use as starter or in bullpen.  He pitched 70 innings before going down with an injury.  4 pitches.  Cheap contract.


MLB Relief Pitching:


 - 30yr/old - Edwin Carl - Nasty stuff and pitches.  Has some control issues. Arbitration for this upcoming season and next for around 3.8 million per.Has had success in the majors and minors when given the opportunity.

 - 24yr/old - Felix Encarnacion - Young, great contract.  Ready for a regular roll in a MLB bullpen to show of his 80 curve ball.

 - 31yr/old - Craig Bensington - Decent stats and ratings. Super cheap to acquire.

 - 24yr/old - Tyson Seng - Young, great contract.  Can reach 98 on the gun with a nasty cutter


MLB Hitting

 - 28yr/old - Jose Ramirez - Arbitration for this upcoming season and next for around 6 million per. Averaged a 3 WAR over 16 'and 17' seasons.  This past year he battled some injuries and wasn't happy about the bench role he was relegated to do to some mid season acquisitions. 

 - 29yr/old - JP Ramirez - Arbitration for this upcoming season and next two for around 6 million per.  Has shown some nice flashes hot hitting potential.  Super cheap to acquire.

 - 29yr/old - Corey Dickerson - Super cheap contract.  Don't need much in return.

 - 30yr/old - Ryan Jackson - Great club house, bench guy who can play everywhere in IF, and fill in starter.  Cheap contract.

 - 25yr/old - Larry Green - Nice young and cheap power bat to slot in the lineup.  Also, super valuable as a platoon. 

 - 27yr/old - Leveon Washington - Great speed!  Plays 5 positions.  Proven everything he needs to prove at AAA.

 - 27yr/old - Justin Oconnor - Produced positive WAR in limited stints.  Nice cheap backup catcher option.

 - 27yr/old - Adam Brett Walker- Great ratings v Lefty.  Proved everything he needs to by being in the minors.

 - 27yr/old - Josh Elander - Back up catcher who is young enough to continue to get better.

 - 27yr/old - Juan Gonzalez - Has assaulted AAA pitching.  Ready for the majors.  Still on MLC.


Colorado Team Needs:

 - High leverage Bullpen help

 - 2B, 3B, CF Upgrades

 - Cash

 - Prospects


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