Cubs hire Tommy Tanous as Scouting Director

The Chicago Cubs have signed Tommy Tanous to a five-year contract to be their Scouting Director, replacing Inejiro Taketo who held that position since 2015.

“Mr. Taketo has been a tremendous asset in building the Cubs roster you see on the field today,” GM Justin Jabs said. “Many of the star players on the pitching staff and in the National League’s best lineup were identified by Mr. Taketo and acquired with his recommendation.

“Looking towards 2018, however, the current model on the North Side is unsustainable. We were looking for a fresh face… a face with experience turning farm systems into a stockpile of talent. Our search brought us to Tommy Tanous.”

It seems like an awkward time to replace a team’s Scouting Director – the Cubs have been slipping lately, winning just 4 of their last 13 games, but that’s more on the players or the manager than the Scouting Director. Inside sources say the Cubs brass felt Taketo’s job was largely done for the season. With rosters expanding on Friday it was highly unlikely the team would be trading for any additional talent. They were likely going to hire a new director this winter anyway, and Tanous was available to start immediately.

“Getting Tommy into his office right now gives him an extra month to assess our minor league rosters,” Jabs continued. “He can see what we have, get to know his new coworkers and come up with a gameplan for the winter.”

The Cubs wanted someone with a good track record, and Tanous brings just that. He’s worked for two organizations in his life – the New York Mets and the Houston Astros. The Mets have become the pride of the National League in recent years, making the playoffs for four straight seasons and on the verge of a fifth. OSA ranks the Mets as the 8th best farm system in the league. While the MLB Astros have seen better days, things are much better in the minors – ask any expert and they’ll tell you Houston has by far the best system in the league, with heavy hitters like Darge Kawawe and Melvin Garner.

Meanwhile, the Cubs system has seen better days. They’ve traded away nearly all of their young talent. The franchise only has two players with an above-average future potential, according to OSA: SP Dakota Hudson and 3B Jake Burger (both drafted this year).

Tanous has a big challenge ahead of him. But first the Cubs need to fight through the Braves, Phillies, Brewers, Padres, and Cardinals for a playoff berth to make destroying the future all worth it.