As of 9:00 AM on Tuesday, 11 picks remain in Round #3.

I am going to assume we will finish the round, no later than Thursday.

At the conclusion of Round 3 (regardless if it comes sooner than Thursday…after say on Friday) we will be stopping the draft until MONDAY, MAY 14.

By that I mean the following:

-While Arizona and whoever else is up has the ability to pick over the weekend, no one will pestered to make their pick.

In addition to it being Mother’s Day weekend, this is a good point to give everyone a chance to make a list.

ON MONDAY, we will begin using a draft clock of 6 hours. The draft clock will run from 7 AM PST until 8 PM PST.

If we manage a good pace through round 4, we will keep the timer at 6 hours. If a change is needed for round 5, we will let you know.

With the problems we had via StatsLab’s clock last year, Justin and I will manage the clock via time the next person is notified in Slack. Work with us on this.