Draft Update: Draft Clock

Draft Update: Draft Clock

We are about one round behind schedule of last year at this point. As such, the draft clock will be brought in a bit sooner rather than last year.

At the start of Round #3, teams will have 6 hours to make their selection. At the end of those six hours your pick will be autoed/list processed. There will be instances where teams have an extra few minutes added on in the event that either myself or Justin is not around StatsLab to process this.

The draft clock will run from 7 AM PST to 8 PM PST.

The draft clock will not be in effect during the following stretches:

-Mother’s Day: The draft clock will be off all day on Sunday. Any use of the clock on Friday will be carried into Monday.

-Friday, May 17 – Sunday, May 19: The clock will be off during this time period.