Effective Immediately: Personnel Hiring Freeze

Effective immediately the league is undergoing a hiring freeze on personnel across the Major League and Minor League levels. This does not include extensions, you are free to extend coaches as you wish.

While a Roll Call for 2019 will be put up in a week or so and with it will come some official rule changes for the off-season and next season, the hiring freeze takes place immediately.


Personnel and coaches of all types across all levels are often the subject of discussion when it comes to asking for input from those within the league. Last season saw various opinions on whether we should allow coaches to be hired from away from a team. We floated this discussion in private with some of you this season and there remains nowhere near a consensus on if it should be allowed OR how it would be implemented. It will remain something Justin and I consider in the future, but it is not going to happen this year.

The freeze is in place to allow the addition of coaches to the pool. These coaches will be available along with the rest of the pool beginning AFTER we roll over to the 2019 off-season. Rather than having to edit names and info all at once, this gives me an extended period of time to make this happen.

Finally, in my mind (I fully understand there are likely counter-examples to the following point) few managers are going to be hired from outside an organization at this point in the season. With just over a month to go in the regular season at all levels, most managers are likely going to finish the season or be replaced by nothing more than an interim manager. I do not want someone to hire a manager tomorrow only to see a new manager pop up on Saturday and complain about a missed opportunity. The hiring freeze until the off-season will allow for teams to see the full pool of potential coaches, trainers, scouts, etc.

Thanks — if you have any questions, let me know via PM on Slack.


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