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The MLB Pro League Office would like to begin by thanking everyone for what has been another exciting and successful regular season here at MLB Pro. While we are still early in the playoffs, it is never too early to look ahead to next season. If you intend to return for another season as the GM of your team, either respond to this post:, or let me know in the chat.


Additionally, as I am sure you are all aware by now, Andrew recently stepped down as our league commissioner. Andrew has placed the league in the hands of Justin Kaiser. In addition to Justin, I have taken on a role to assist Justin with a variety of tasks, if you have any questions moving forward, please contact Justin or myself.

Andrew built this league up with a fantastic group of general managers. Justin and I would like to encourage all of you to continue to show your presence in the chatroom and with article submissions. We will encourage Jabs to continue his podcasts and hope to make his presence on the microphone a prominent fixture. While were are still ironing out details of everything, we some of you have come forward and volunteered some of your time with regards to helping us. I will be in touch with a couple of you regarding the website and other things that I know I might occasionally need assistance with. One position in specific we would like to fill is a MLB Pro Recruiting Coordinator. If you would like to take charge in assisting the league fill open spots, please let us know. We will likely be needing to fill a team or two in the off-season, someone willing to help us fill these spots would be greatly appreciated. Again, if you are interested, let us know.

I have been looking into the “Home-Run Explosion” of this season and those that had a feeling the modifier had been increased were correct. I have been testing the modifiers and we will be back to a more realistic total for next season. One thing that comes with this is a question Justin and I have for you, would people like to stick with OOTP14 longer in the hopes of maintaing consistency? If there is OVERWHELMING SUPPORT to stick with 14, we will, otherwise we will transition to OOTP15 AFTER the World Series. If the move to version 15 is made, further testing will be done with the modifiers in ’15 to ensure we avoid the sudden “bash-ball” that was seen this year. If ’15 is used, we might stick with ’15 for a few seasons. Please let us know your thoughts on this.

Another change that will be made moving forward (Justin will confirm this), will be a change in sim time. With Andrew being on the East Coast, the 8:00 PM EST sim worked well, with Justin being on the West Coast a change is needed. Justin has asked that files will be DUE BY 11:00 PM EST, he will continue to do sims live, just at a slightly later time. In addition, Justin is asking for thoughts regarding a double header sim on Sunday. With less people around on Saturday’s, skipping the Saturday sim would allow for a small break in the sim schedule and could create further excitement for two day sims on Sunday. This is not finalized, but is something Justin is considering. Feedback on this is welcome as well.

Once again, thank you everyone for being apart of this league, we look forward to carrying on what Andrew built.

-Matt and Justin

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