Gary Copeland: A Trade Tree

Four years ago this week, the Philadelphia Phillies and Minnesota Twins struck a deal that saw Gary Copeland, Matt Lipka, and Julian Rivera sent to the Twins, in exchange for Phil Hughes, Chen Lee, Felicia Roxa, and Jimmy Bannatyne.

Copeland would go on to three All Star game appearances, the 2016 AL MVP award, and lead the 2017 Minnesota Twins to a World Series victory. Unlike the Rocky Cook’s Twins, the Phillies have been unable to find success following Little Louie’s departure, failing to make the playoffs in a tough NL East for five consecutive seasons. This trade has, no doubt, helped shape the American League central, and all of MLBPro, for years following.

However, a more in depth look at the ‘trade tree’ that this deal sprung shows that Copeland heading to the twin cities on a winter day in 2014 has had a ripple affect that has contributed to Thomas Field heading to Kansas City, Yu Darvish and Chris Fletcher suiting up as Tampa Bay Rays, and even, most recently, Giancarlo Stanton’s trade north of the border.


– Felicia Roxa ended BACK with the Phillies, after being dealt to the Athletics from the Royals. The Phillies acquired Roxa and RF John Schultz for 1B Pavin Smith, CF Kevin Jones, SP John Larson, SP Ronnie Covington and SS Guy Carter.

– Though Copeland has been a perennial MVP candidate, the package of Copeland, Rivera and Lipka have been worth 29.4 WAR for the Minnesota Twins since acquired, surprisingly only 5 WAR more than the 24.3 that Hughes, Lee, Roxa and Bannatyne have accrued in their time as Phillies.

– This ‘trade tree’ will be the first of a series I will be putting together this offseason, and any/all suggestions with trade trees that have had long lasting affects on MLBPro would be much appreciated.