GM Change – San Francisco Giants

San Francisco Giants Announce Hiring of New General Manager

September 25, 2017
via MLB Pro AP

Rumblings of a change within the San Francisco Giants front-office began over the weekend.  After a series of meetings between ownership and General Manager Michael Stephens, it was decided that Stephens would step down from his position.

A source within the upper-management said, “Mike’s tenure here in San Francisco was wonderful.  In his first year at the helm, he helped guide us to a division title.  This move comes at the request of Mike, he simply felt it was time to move on from the rigors of the baseball life.”

The team took immediate action in replacing Stephens.  The Giants agreed to hire current Colorado Rockies GM Ryan Buchholz to a multi-year deal.  As part of the agreement between the Giants and Rockies, Buchholz will finish out the regular season with the Colorado Rockies.