New Trade Rule Announced For GM’S New To League


EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY – the league office has introduced a new rule that places a two-week introductory period for new GM’s.  During this period, new GM’s are not allowed to make trades.  In addition, we ask new GM’s to at some point prior to making any trades, that they make a trade block.

The responsibility of the new rule is shared upon those already in the league.  Let the new GM’s become acclimated to the league before bombarding them with trade offers.  When we hire a new GM, it is with the intention that they will be sticking around for YEARS.  You will have plenty of time to make trades with our new GM’s, we just ask that they do not come within this new period.  This goes beyond posting trades — do not discuss dealings in depth.

Sure, it’s fine to ask what their plans might be, but try and not go much beyond that!

We will always try and put the date at which a new GM is eligible to make trades on the front page of the site under the “EVENTS” section on the sidebar.

-Thank you.