League Announcement – Rule Changes and General Schedule

As we approach July, the trade deadline, and before we know it the end of the season, I wanted to take a second to lay several things out.

I will begin with an area that I have been asked about privately in Slack by a few of you. We will be implementing numerous changes that were seen in the latest MLB/MLBPA agreement.

The first change that will be made is a change that will be effective and noticeable in a months time. MLB PRO WILL NO LONGER HAVE AN AUGUST REVOCABLE WAIVER TRADE PERIOD. This only effects revocable waivers and August trades. Irrevocable in-game waiver placements and claims in August remain 100% eligible. This is a change that is also being made in real life.

Beginning in the 2020 season, like Major League Baseball, we will be expanding to 26-player active rosters and going from 40-player to 28-player expanded rosters in September.

In addition to those changes above that are being implemented, the next few weeks are always a good time to submit any rule ideas/changes you might like to see implemented. Please submit via PM and the league office will discuss the viability and our feelings on the matter. If we deem something worthy of a discussion by a broader group it will be brought forward. We are always open to discussions during the All-Star break as well as the end of the season.

Related to the league schedule…

  1. All-Star voting is open in StatsLab…
  2. All-Star rosters will be released on Monday, July 8th with the game to be played on the next day.
  3. International FA – I will begin inputting players into the game next week. This process will likely take me a few days.
  4. 2018 IFA Class & Tradable Date – Players signed during the 2018 IFA class will be eligible to be traded on July 1st.
  5. OOTP 20 – I have found no reason not to switch to OOTP 20. Barring unforeseen circumstances the target date to switch will be the day following the completion of the World Series.