League Office Announces The Stunning Sale of Three Franchises

League Office Announces The Stunning Sale of Three Franchises

Hours after the 2018 World Series was completed, behind the scenes at the MLB Pro League Office, the final details were being put together on some stunning and unexpected news. The League Office has announced that the Miami Marlins, Oakland A’s, and St. Louis Cardinals have all been sold to new ownership groups.

In Miami, the Board of Directors of the Miami Marlins announced the sale of the team to business entrepreneur Rômulo Emdio. The new owner is regarded by close associates as tolerant. They expect him to take a controlling approach to payroll issues.

In Oakland, Carlos Salazar, has finalized a deal to purchase the team. He takes over a franchise that finished the regular season with a 72-90 record, 4th place in the American League West. According to sources, Salazar is considered to be penny-pincher when dealing with financial issues. Salazar has made it clear he is committed to keeping the A’s in Oakland.

While the sale of the Marlins and A’s were surprising, the most shocking change in ownership comes in St. Louis. The St. Louis Cardinals have been purchased by Brady Rogers from William DeWitt Jr. after lengthy negotiations. The sale was approved by MLB Pro owners today.

New owner Rogers told the press he was thrilled to be part of the league and would bring an exciting and winning brand of baseball to St. Louis.

Rogers was characterized by financial experts as a hands-on type of guy with generous pockets and a penchant for being unmerciful in performance demands.

The St. Louis Cardinals wound up third in the National League Central this season with a 74-88 record.