League Office & MLBPPA Agree To Rule Change

MLB Pro League Office Adopts Changes To Constitution Following MLBPPA Grievances

The MLB Pro Players Association (MLBPPA) had recently filed grievances with the MLB Pro League Office regarding to a contractual loophole that was was keeping young talent to contracts that the players association deemed to be outside of the best interest for its clients.

The MLBPPA believed player agents were and league owners were colluding with under the table payments that kept money out of the hands of the players on the field and in the hands and pockets out of those sitting in luxurious offices.

After careful discussion within the league office, the Office of the Commissioner and the head of the MLBPPA have agreed to the following rule which will take place IMMEDIATELY:


The allowable length of a contract extension will be directly tied to the player’s time spent on the secondary roster — rounding down to the nearest COMPLETED year of service time will dictate the number of years that can be offered to a player.

-A player who has completed 0 years of time on the secondary roster is NOT ELIGIBLE for an extension.

-A player who has completed between 1 and 4 years of time on the secondary roster may sign an extension UP TO 4 years in length.

-A player who has completed 5 years of time on the secondary roster may sign an extension UP TO 6 years in length.

-A player who has completed 6 years of time on the secondary roster has no restrictions on a contract extension.

Any violation of the above will result in the immediate voiding of the contract extension.

In addition to the rule change, the players union and league office are continuing ongoing talks regarding past contracts that are now in violation of the agreement.  Expect additional changes to be made.

[NOTE: This change is being implemented as a result of what the commissioners believe is in the best long-term interest of the league.  We have consulted with General Managers of small market teams, large market teams, winning teams, losing teams, GM’s who have been with us many years, and GM’s who are on the newer side.  The feeling that some sort of change was needed was apparent.  We have been around for six plus YEARS and we want to keep this ship going in the direction of being one of the most simmed, most enjoyed, and hopefully most respected OOTP leagues out there.  This change is simply aimed at maintaining the health and well-being of the league.]