Mariners Make Splash

Diamondbacks Decide To Deal Mark Baker to Seattle

After a 2014 season in which Mark Baker slugged 37 homers while hitting .289, Baker has regressed some over each of the past two seasons.  With this regression on the field, the Diamondbacks have struggled mightily as a team, losing 101 games last season. As a result, management in Arizona began the offseason taking offer after offer on Baker.  Last night, a decision was made, Mark Baker was traded to the Seattle Mariners.

An Arizona spokesman said, “It was time to move the rebuild forward a few notches.”

Arizona received numerous players in return for Baker, the headliners are Daz Cameron and Juan Morin, an international prospect.

In acquiring Baker, the Seattle Mariners believe they have found a piece they have long been looking for. “We hope Mark Baker will be that elusive CF, leadoff type that we’ve been looking for the past four seasons.  We feel that the fresh start in Seattle could be what Baker needs to rebound from his 2016 season.”