Milwaukee Brewers Trade Block:

Offseason Trade Block:


1B Josh Vitters (28) - Vitters broke out last year, combining for 4.1 WAR in the majors between KC and MIL. Can be an immediate plug in for an infield role or DH in your team.


3B/1B Santiago Mateo (30) - For me, it's either one of the other who I'd like to move. If Vitters goes, I'm keeping Mateo (unless I get a replacement), and the same goes if Mateo goes. Mateo is a defensive stud who puts in high effort. Has 75 gap power, and produced 3.4 WAR last year with 41 doubles. Middle of the threat bat right here.


Also, if you are interested, don't bother asking me who I like. Make me an offer first, and we'll get started from there. Looking mainly for pitching and prospects.



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