MLB Pro 2019 Top 10 First Base Prospects

Most first basemen prospects are picked solely based on their hitting potential. Many are converted from other positions when it’s realized they can’t play defense. And some of these first basemen will end up as a DH for their career.

Some first base prospects that just missed our top 10 list are the Brewers’ Max Flora, the Nationals’ Adri├ín Hern├índez and the Cardinals’ Ronald Guzman.

Going from the back end of the list, we begin with #10.

#10 | Leith Wentzell | Glendale White Sox (CHW, R) | Age: 18 | Acquired via: Trade with NYY

Wentzell looks like he could become a monster hitter. The 6’7″ behemoth is looked at by many as a future middle of the order bat, at the worst. Why is he so low on the list then? Because he’s 18, with just over 100 total games, and hasn’t exactly wowed in those games. Still, the future is incredibly bright for Wentzell.

#9 | Gabriel Vaughn | Bowie Baysox (BAL, AA) | Age: 23 | Acquired via: Trade with BOS

When you blast 34 HR in a season, you get noticed. Other players may have better tools or potential, but you can’t deny the results. If he has another season like that in 2019, expect to see him near the top of this list next season.

#8 | Lance Hartgraves | Altoona Curve (PIT, AA) | Age: 23 | Acquired via: MiLB signing

Hartgraves is another guy who has had stellar stats, and while his power isn’t that of many others on this list, he has an exceptional eye and has shown power to the gaps. He’ll likely be in AAA this upcoming season, with a chance to make the Majors with another solid year. He’s a player to keep your eye on, as he should be a productive player, without any flashy stats.

#7 | Lewis Allen | Oakland Athletics | Age: 24 | Acquired via: Trade with BOS

Other players have better tools, but Allen has pop from the left side of the plate, plays solid defense at 1B and will be in the Majors this season. Expect an easy 20 HR out of him, and a .280 average.

#6 | Seth Beer | Lake Buena Vista Braves (ATL, R) | Age: 22 | Acquired via: Draft (2018, Rd 2, Pk 54)

Big power and a great eye, everything you want in a hitter. Beer also has solid contact rates and is playing well in the WDL despite having not played above rookie ball. I would not be surprised to see him at AA this upcoming season, and he could progress quickly through, based on the potential of his bat.

#5 | Brendan McKay | West Virginia Power (PIT, A) | Age: 23 | Acquired via: Draft (2017, Rd 4, Pk 94)

His bat looks as good as any, with 60-grade tools everywhere. He had a really great half season in A-ball, and has been destroying in the WDL. He has the potential to be an amazing hitter, hitting for high average, power and taking walks when necessary.

#4 | Richard Davis | Pawtucket Red Sox (BOS, AAA) | Age: 22 | Acquired via: Trade with ATL

The former outfielder has big power and has shown solid contact in his time in the minors. He’s set to be an amazing hitter versus RHP, but should be kept on the bench vs LHP. Still, being in the AL, he can DH and platoon with someone if need be, maximizing his value.

#3 | Xavier Noonan | Tulsa Drillers (LAD, AA) | Age: 23 | Acquired via: Draft (2017, Rd 5, Pk 137)

Some of the biggest power in any prospect, and he has a great eye to go with it. If his potential to hit for average was a little better, he would be a top 10 prospect in the league without a doubt, especially because he plays solid defense. But the switch hitter has had poor contact throughout the minors, and shown little room for improvement with a sellout swing.

#2 | George Cuyco | Houston Astros | Age: 22 | Acquired via: Trade with SD

After hitting .327 in 2017, Cuyco popped off in the WDL, coming in 2nd in the Best Hitter award voting. He started 2018 by hitting .411 in AA before getting promoted to AAA where he continued to rake. He’ll be expected to continue that production at the next level, which shouldn’t be difficult.

#1 | Bryan Hennessey | Tempe Angels (LAA, R) | Age: 20 | Acquired via: Draft (2018, Rd 3, Pk 94)

Like most 1B prospects, Hennessey can flat out hit. Scouts have him at a 60 contact and 70 power. But unlike most players with that, he is more than happy to draw a walk when he doesn’t get a pitch to hit. On top of it all, he has already shown his power, albeit at rookie ball, but it bodes well for future production. When he develops, he’ll be a top hitter in the league.