MLB Pro 2019 Top 10 Third Base Prospects

Third base is fairly weak at the Major League level, but there are more than enough prospects coming up who will become future starters, and several stars. With solid defense, big power and several prospects with 70-grade contact potential.

Some third base prospects that just missed our top 10 list are the Rays’ Jordan Groshans and the White Sox’s Dorssys Paulino.

Going from the back end of the list, we begin with #10.

#10 | Kwan-yew Yeh | Corpus Christi Hooks (HOU, AA) | Age: 21 | Acquired via: Trade with MIL

Yeh progressed from single-A all the way to AA last season, and is expected to be in AAA next season. He does everything average or better, and has great speed for a third basemen. His defense isn’t spectacular, but he makes the plays he needs to. The Australian certainly has the makings of a future starter.

#9 | Nolan Jones | Kannapolis Intimidators (CHW, A) | Age: 20 | Acquired via: Draft (2017, Rd 5, Pk 123)

Jones is a slick fielding third basemen with the hitting ability to be a starter, and has shown that he’s ready to progress through the White Sox’s system quickly. He doesn’t have the most power in the world, but has solid contact potential from the left side of the plate.

#8 | Alex Bohm | Portland Sea Dogs (BOS, AA) | Age: 22 | Acquired via: Draft (2018, Rd 5, Pk 138)

The 6’6″ prospect is regarded for having tons of power, and has a big arm as well, as many would expect from someone of his size. He’s shown off that power in the WDL this winter, as well as hitting for better average in his limited at-bats.

#7 | Marvin Grun | Carolina Mudcats (ATL, A+) | Age: 23 | Acquired via: Trade with COL 

Grun has a rocket for an arm, and has hit for solid contact rates so far in his career. He does well with avoiding strikeouts and taking pitches, but is lacking on his power. He does have poor range at the hot corner, which does turn some scouts off from his potential to last there, but he’s been solid thus far.

#6 | Nolan Gorman | Dunedin Blue Jays (TOR, R) | Age: 18 | Acquired via: Draft (2018, Rd 2, Pk 47)

The 2nd round pick struggled a ton in his debut, but he has big power and solid defense. If the 18 year old, lefty slugger can show the potential that made him a first round pick, then he’ll hold. If he struggles again, he’s just another young gun who didn’t have the mentality to make it.

#5 | César López | Seattle Mariners | Age: 25 | Acquired via: MiLB signing

López is an elite defender, who can play Gold Glove caliber defense at second, short or third, despite his small stature. He’s also got a solid bat, with decent power and has hit over .300 at AA & AAA last season. Despite this, he’s got next to zero chance of starting for the Mariners, as their entire infield is under control for at least the next 2 seasons.

#4 | Royce Lewis | Peoria Mariners (SEA, R) | Age: 19 | Acquired via: Trade with NYY

The former 1st round pick had a great season in rookie ball, and carried that over to the WDL season. He’s been listed as a shortstop, but has mainly played third, and done solid defensively. Many love his bat at the top of the order, as he puts the ball in play, with some doubles, but few home runs.

#3 | Jake Burger | South Bend Cubs (CHC, A) | Age: 22 | Acquired via: Draft (2017, Rd 2, Pk 38)

Burger will likely be a top-10 prospect next season, as he further proves himself and gets closer to his debut in the big leagues. He has big power from the right side, while also having an exceptional eye for the strike zone. He does need to work on his contact rates some, but it hasn’t hurt him much yet. To add to it, he plays near flawless defense at third, could handle time at second and has the ability to play in the corners in the outfield as well. There’s not much more you could ask for from him.

#2 | Vladimir Guerrero Jr. | Hillsboro Hops (ARI, A-) | Age: 19 | Acquired via: Draft (2018, Rd 1, Pk 1)

Vlad is probably one of the very best hitting prospects in recent memory. He hits for average, power and takes walks. He showed that potential in his debut, and has followed it up with a solid performance in the WDL. He’s actually played solid defense at the hot corner so far, although he looks more like a slightly below average defender there. Either way, his bat makes him a future All-Star, no questions asked.

#1 | Brandon Gill | Bradenton Pirates (PIT, R) | Age: 19 | Acquired via: Draft (2018, Rd 1, Pk 8)

It’s not often to be drafted after someone and be rated higher than them in the prospect rankings, but Gill was just behind Vlad in the draft, and scouts have loved his tools even more now that he’s debuted. For starters, many see him as having the same 70-grade average as Vlad, while boasting better power. To add to it, he’s expected to add power as he gains weight, and he’s shown as a better defender. He can man the hot corner or play solid defense in the corner outfield.