MLB Pro’s Expansive Global Footprint


Spring Training is right around the corner and now seemed like as good a time as ever to highlight the geographical breadth of our league’s management.

As GMs have come & gone over the league’s first five seasons, MLB Pro continues to have a surprisingly robust international presence.

Heading into 2017, league GMs originate from tropical locales like the Philippines to permafrost hinterland such as Regina, Saskatchewan. In total, we presently have 7 non-US (2 in Canada, 1 in New Zealand, 2 in England and 1 in the Philippines) general managers and are always looking to expand that market.

Stateside, only six GMs hail from the left coast with four in California and two in Seattle. The eastern US is home to eight teams with three additional GMs spread across New Orleans, Texas and Oklahoma City (Welcome to our new Toronto representative). Rounding out the league, six MLB Pro teams call the Great Lakes region home (sorry Marlins & Dodgers as you got lumped into this group).

Spring Training starts up in six, short weeks. Assuming no further MLB Pro personnel changes, 2017 promises to be another competitive season and having such a diverse worldwide footprint only adds to the MLB Pro experience.

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