MLB Pro: OOTP 20 – Ballparks and Graphics

MLB Pro Prepares For OOTP 20

While there is still plenty to play for in 2019, the days of OOTP 18 are winding down and MLB Pro will soon be making our move to OOTP 20.

With the switch to OOTP 20 and the off-season, my time to fine tune changes and requests grows.

For starters, with the switch to OOTP 20, BY DEFAULT each stadium will get updated to OOTP 20 park factors. If you would like to keep your OOTP 18 park factors, or would like to use some sort of park factors that fit between your current settings and the default OOTP 20 settings, please post here:


[For “custom” park factors, requests must be within current and OOTP 20 factors and must end in either .#0 or .#5.]

In addition, stadium capacities will be updated to a degree. A real-life team who has struggled on the field and in attendance resulting in seats being removed will be handled differently than a team here who has won consistently and vice-versa. I will try and notify every team that will have a change in either direction. I will need to look into this more.

As always, if you would like to change either your primary or secondary logo, I am up for giving that consideration as well. This includes uniforms, caps, RTS banners, etc. That said, this will require a PM with Matt and some reasoning for these change requests.

Ideally, all of these requests would be made and confirmed prior to the end of our playoffs [with the exception of RTS banners].

If you have any questions please let me know via PM.