MLB Pro Winter Meetings

MLB Pro Winter Meetings 2017

Winter Meetings To Be Held January 10-12

With the holidays now behind us and 2017 about to be underway, the league office is unveiling the upcoming schedule for its annual MLB Pro Winter Meetings — which will once again include player auctions.

The 2017 MLB Pro Winter Meetings will be hosted by the Houston Astros from Tuesday, January 10th to Thursday, January 12th.

On January 10th, the league will host a player auction.  This year, Justin Jabs will serve as auctioneer.  The auction is tentatively set to begin sometime between 8:15/8:30 PM EST.  Rules for making players available for auction and for the auction itself can be found at the bottom of this post.

On January 11th, the meetings will feature an MLB Pro Insider offering their latest takes on the off-season up to this point, while also breaking down rumors and trades that are being discussed at the Winter Meetings.

On January 12th, we will hold Day 2 of the Player Auction.  In addition, trades and rumors will continue to be discussed.

The league office will continue to work on the meetings and potentially add to the itinerary.  If you have any further suggestions or ideas, please contact Matt (in Slack PM) with them.


-To be run on the Tuesday & Thursday of the Winter Meetings at approximately 8:15/8:30 PM EST.

-Who Can Sell A Player?

-Any team

-Who Can Be Sold?

-Almost anyone!

-Players ineligible to be sold include those recently drafted in the Rule V Draft and players with no-trade clauses.

-Who Can Buy Players?

-Anyone can!

-How many players can a team list to sell?

-A maximum of 4 players

-Some auction’s have reserve prices on items – do we?

-Yes, you are able to set a reserve price on ONE of your players.


Any team wishing to sell players will send an e-mail with a list of players to MLBPROLEAGUEOFFICE@GMAIL.COM by 8:00 PM EST ON SATURDAY, JANUARY 7.

Players will need to be listed exactly how they are listed in a trade according to our Constitution: Position, Name, Level. Include the starting bid for your player and a reserve price on ONE player if you choose to. Everything needs to be in increments of $50,000.  In addition to this information, you are encouraged to write one sentence selling your player. Convince the bidders to buy, this sentence will be used elsewhere throughout the week. Make sure you list your players from high priority to low priority; if your list is too long or we get too many submissions, the auctioneer will not post the players for auction towards the bottom of the list at their discretion.


1. SP Scott Baker (AAA), starting bid $100k
Scott is an excellent control pitcher who has enough stamina to be an effective back-of-the-rotation starter.

2. SS Ryan Dent (AAA), starting bid $300k
Dent is a great defensive middle infielder who posted a .356 wOBA in AA last season.

3. OF Bryan Petersen (AAA), starting bid $500k
Petersen is above average at just about everything he does and is still a relatively cheap fourth outfielder.

The list will be made public at a point between the deadline and the auction.  At this point, players on the auction list are not allowed to be traded until the end of the auction.


The auction will be conducted within Slack.

The auctioneer (Justin or Matt) will call a player to the auction block.  Again, bids must be made in increments of $50,000.

The team with the winning bid will receive the player.  If the winning team has cash available, a trade will be made involving the player and cash.

If cash is not available, the league office will have to manually edit the player onto his new team.  In addition, we will add the cost of the winning bid to your misc. team expenses for the season.  The team that sold the player will receive cash.