Monday Night: “Rivalry” Night

League Office Announcement

Commissioners office has released a schedule of 15 exhibition games for February 6, 2017.

The MLB Pro league office announces that on Monday, February 6th, each member organization of MLB Pro will compete in an exhibition game on that day.  While some speculation has been made that this is a PR move and an attempt to bring in fans the day after the Super Bowl — league insiders report that the move is merely an attempt to test new technology that is being implemented with the league’s broadcast system (real-time simulation and Slack integration) and its recent partnership with Stats+.

The matchups on Monday are highlighted by a game between the Minnesota Twins and Atlanta Braves — a rivalry amongst GM’s that is as fierce as any.  In addition to this matchup, there are five regional matchups for battle rights within a city or region, there are matchups involving teams that just missed the playoffs, matchups with those that fought for the #1 Amateur Pick, and matchups that will showcase different playing styles.


Team Team
Minnesota Atlanta
Detroit Milwaukee
New York (AL) New York (NL)
Los Angeles (NL) Los Angeles (AL)
Tampa Bay Miami
Kansas City St. Louis
Colorado Cleveland
Chicago (NL) Seattle
Toronto Cincinnati
Arizona Boston
Chicago (AL) Pittsburgh
Washington Baltimore
Oakland San Francisco
Philadelphia Texas
San Diego Houston