The Buzz: More Giant Moves and What That Could Mean…



     More Giant Moves and what that could mean…

The Giants have been making large waves in the bay area since the World Series ended. There have been people who have questioned the seemingly endless barrage of moves the Giants have been making, with some thinking they left themselves to thin in the minor leagues and others believe they did not leave enough budget room to cover injuries or non-performance.

When the off-season started the Giants had several high priority goals they needed to complete. They were in need of team trainer after the rash of injuries that plagued them in 2017, the bullpen was in dire need of an overhaul, they had no starting outfielders and questions marks at the bottom of the rotation. On top of that they also prioritized extensions to Pardo, Panik, and Greinke.



They were able to accomplish a great they sought out to do before the new year rang in. Trades for players like fan favorite Bob Carlisle, Rookie of the Year Anthony Hale, the 2017 ERA leader Jordan Zimmerman and Drew Pomeranz, as well as trading for quality arms for the bullpen like Carosi, Schwimer and Romo have helped shape this new look Giants team. The free agent signings of CF Cameron Maybin,  CL Daniel Schlereth, and the most recent SP Mat Latos have transformed their roster for the 2018 season. It has also given them a surplus of starting picthers and they could look to move one with Drew Pomeranz the most likely candidate to be traded, its rumored the Giants could be looking for an upgrade for third base, but Buchholz said last week that the team was comfortable going with the sophmore bopper Trey Ford at third who hit 27 homeruns his rookie season.

The Giants are the watercooler talk all over the bay area, you can see the excitment on peoples faces when someone talks about the Giants. The stadium is expecting much larger crowds in 2018 about 22% (about 6000 fans) increase per game, about 42,000 fans per game compared to the 34,000 they averaged in 2017 when they lost 100 games.

Expectations are high in San Francisco for the Giants and many are wondering if Ryan Buchholz had enough expierence to run a franchise as large as the Giants after what some believe he traded too much of the teams future away to put this roster together and that going all in a season after last years dissapointing season. During the press conferance intrducing Mat Latos, buchholz was pressed by reporters about last season and his expectations for 2018, which he replied “We are throwing last season away, or brushing it under carpet and pretending it isn’t even there.” he continued “We fully expect to win the division and take home the championship, anything short of that will be considered a failure.” When asked if he thought he had given up to much of the teams future in trading for Hale and Carlisle as well as the other trades for bullpen help, He responded “I can’t stand here and tell you that the loss of players like Hooper, Comer, Allen and Russell doesn’t hurt our depth, but we do have the 4th pick in the 1st and 3rd rounds of this years draft, which will be a good start to re-stocking our system.”

This is Buckey concluding my first report on the Giants since taking up the beat as the full-time reporter following the Giants this season for The Buzz. You can look forward more updates and news on anything Giants. Thank you for reading and untill next time….