Ohtani Sweepstakes Heat Up

Shohei Ohtani and Representatives Await Proposals From Finalists

The sweepstakes for the services of Japanese sensation Shohei Ohtani are beginning to heat up. With the 2018 MLB Pro season complete, Ohtani and his representatives have been notified of the finalists for his services. Ohtani and his management team now are awaiting proposals from each finalist.

Ohtani’s agent has made it clear that his client is going into this stage with an open mind and when asked about his client’s status, his agent said, “Shohei is very excited for this part of the process. He wants to learn as much as possible before he sits down with those close to him to figure out where he best fits in with.”


-Proposals must be received by the Office of the Commissioner by 4 PM PST on Sunday, November 11th.

-The League Office has asked Ohtani and his representatives to try and have a decision by Sunday, November 18th. [Just to be clear with this, with the type of proposals being submitted up in the air, I want to give ample time for those reviewing them to be able to properly go over them all. I envision a week being plenty of time for a consensus decision to be made. If in fact it is enough time, a few more days will be given. That said, being that the decision will come after free-agency has started, I will do my best to make sure a final decision is made and announced NO LATER THAN 21st.]

For those that have been notified as a finalist, the proposal is your way of communicating to Ohtani and his agent as to why your organization is the best fit for Ohtani. As I have mentioned, this process will include those outside of the league. I will not be giving these people guidelines in terms of what needs to be there with your proposal. Like Ohtani in real-life, teams were unsure exactly of what he coveted the most. That said, the following questions do need to be answered in your proposal. Your proposal should be in the form of something that can be easily shared with people, ie: Google Doc, Slide, YouTube, a graphic, etc. Whether it’s simply explaining via bullet points/paragraph, whether it’s a 3-5 slide presentation, whether’s its a Q&A where you answer the most likely questions Ohtani would throw your way. This is your chance to be creative or at the very least persuasive.

1) Planned Primary Use: Pitcher or Hitter or Both? Why?

2) How do you see Ohtani fitting in with your organization in 2019?

3) On Opening Day 2019, Ohtani will be…..?

4) Which contract option do you plan on going with?***

** i. The WITH “No-Trade” Clause Included Option

    • 2019 Season: $550,000 (3rd year of service time)
    • 2020 Season: $2,000,000 (4th year of service time)
    • 2021 Season: $4,000,000 (5th year of service time)
    • 2022 Season: $8,000,000 (6th year of service time)
  1. The WITHOUT No-Trade Clause Included Option:
    • 2019 Season: $550,000 (3rd year of service time)
    • 2020 Season: $3,000,000 (4th year of service time)
    • 2021 Season: $6,000,000 (5th year of service time)
    • 2022 Season: $12,000,000 (6th year of service time)

If you have any further questions about the process, the proposal, or anything related to the matter, PM Matt on Slack.