OOTP 18 Import Complete And Off-Season Notes

The import to OOTP 18 is complete.  With that, we have officially hit the off-season.  Below are some notes regarding the switch and the off-season.

  1. We are having some problems with the league reports, hope to have this resolved by the end of the weekend.

The following changes have been made to the league file and will be noticed after the Saturday sim.

  1. The import caused some financial problems, they have been updated and fixed.  These changes mostly include the slight increasing of the attendance baseline as well as the merchandise baseline.  Both are set to reflect closer to the default 2018 setting.
  2. I have added the A+ and A- designation to the appropriate minor league levels.

League Events

  1. TRADING IS OPEN! Reminder all posts need to be confirmed on the message board.
  2. Award voting — get it in, awards announced next week.
  3. Arbitration — the arbitration deadline is set to Saturday the 11th, a week from now.
  4. Free Agency — Free agency will begin on Monday the 13th!
  5. WDL Draft — Drafts must be completed prior to November 27th!


  1. Injury File — I know OOTP 18 comes with one common gripe throughout the community, that being the high number of injuries.  As a result, I have edited the injury file for which we will use.  What have I done?
    • # of career-ending injuries cut in half
    • Certain injuries that OOTP 18 labeled as “5 Most Frequent” have been downgraded to either a 4 or 3.