Welcome to MLB Pro on OOTP20! 

The next few days will be done very slowly. Please keep your changes minimal these first few days in case your exports do not take.

The in-game dates as far as arbitration/FA are not accurate as of yet. For now I just wanted to get the file up. I will look into those dates this weekend.

We remain in a trade & personnel freeze. Again, this is strictly in place as a way to allow everyone to get setup and going in OOTP 20. Expect both to be lifted late next week.


  1. Download the league file
  2. Download the league settings file
  3. You’ll need the copy of the injury files — they can be found here: INJURY FILES AND INSTRUCTIONS

I do not have an images folder/files up yet. I’ll work on that this weekend. This is a 100% optional download that is strictly cosmetic. I will make an announcement when that is up.

For those that want the final OOTP 18 MLB Pro file still. It can be downloaded here: