Opening Day 2017: Message From League Office

Opening Day 2017

The long haul that is the baseball off-season has finally come an end. The 2017 MLB Pro season is ready to be kicked off with a trio of games on Sunday.

I want to take a second to thank everyone for their patience during the off-season and for your continued commitment to the league. We added three new GM’s this off-season and I want to congratulate them on making it through the tough part of not having games on a daily basis, your commitment to the league has been evident and we are glad to have you onboard. To everyone else, those that have been here from day the start to those that joined last season, welcome back to another year of baseball. Each of you has helped build MLB Pro into a league that I truly enjoy being apart of with you.

To the AL East – Good luck battling it out. George and Andy bring new ideas to the division. The Yankees acquisition of Juan Francisco was headline worthy and could put them in position to be among the AL’s favorites. Don’t sleep on John’s Rays though, they’re going to be good, very good.

To the AL Central – Rocky, is this the year? The Twins have the pieces on paper. Pat, as always good luck to the Tigers. I look forward to our annual playoff matchup. Ayden, your hatred for the Twins is among the best things around. Rhett and Jonathan – your continued commitment while rebuilding is always a great thing to see. Best of luck on building that future.

To my AL West companions – Kevin, your Rangers continue to scare me. Matt, the Astros will be better this year. A matchup in Houston will not be an easy road trip. Jason, the A’s are in good hands — even if the wins don’t come.

To the NL East – Bruce and Brenton, good luck battling it out in the regular season and very likely the playoffs. That said, you can’t sleep on what Anthony, John, or Ryan have.

To the NL Central – I see another dogfight to the very end. Jack, it was a fantastic first year for you last season. Ryan, could the Cards be headed for the playoffs for their sixth consecutive season? I certainly am not ready to bet against you. Scott, the Reds had a busy off-season, good things are here. Justin and Jason, while expectations might be below the other three teams within the division, your franchises are in good hands. It will only be a matter of time.

To the NL West – Sam, good luck in your first season. Ryan, you came so close to finishing 2016 with a bang, the Rockies have a very bright future. Sean, the Padres rebuild has found the team with loads of pitching talent. It will be fun to see what you bring to the field this season. The Giants just keep on winning divisions. And then there’s the D-Backs, it might be tough, but again, a franchise in good hands.

And not to be forgotten, to the Mariners. Justin, our battles within the division keep me focused to never take a game off. Beyond the divisional rivalry, I want to thank you again for all of your help behind the scenes. You offer much more than just assistance, you make running things that much easier.

As always, if you ever have any questions, concerns, or ideas for the league, feel free to find me Slack and send them my way.

Best of luck to everyone, I look forward to seeing what the 2017 season has in store for us all!