Opening Day 2018: Message From League Office

Opening Day 2018

It feels like yesterday that Rocky and the Minnesota Twins were celebrating after defeating the Cincinnati Reds in the World Series. It was the American League’s 6th consecutive championship.

Since then, we have transitioned from OOTP16 to OOT18, debuted the Winter Developmental League (where each the AL finished in the top three spots), saw big free-agent deals with plenty of battling back and forth (Daniel Schlereth’s agent enjoyed the back and forth between the Giants and Angels), had blockbuster trades, and announced the plan for Ohtani to come to MLB Pro in 2019.

Needless to say, the off-season was busy. I want to thank everyone for both your patience of dealing with the off-season as well as your continued commitment to the league. We return 28 of our 30 GM’s. To you I say, welcome back! To the two GM’s awaiting their first MLB Pro season, Jim & Mitch, best of luck!

To those of you in the AL East – Once again, good luck battling it out. While Anthony Hale is gone, the O’s remain a formidable foe. Brad’s Yankees are always a tough opponent. The Rays, the Rays have new faces, but plenty of optimism. While George’s Jays are flying under the radar, they return plenty. Finally there’s Brett’s Sox…well, the rebuild has to start somewhere. The Red Sox are in good hands.

To those of you in the AL Central – Rocky, two in a row? Ayden, the Tribe were on fire all Spring Training, best of luck in doing all you can to ruin the Twins. Rhett, there’s something about this Royals team…I get the feeling they are closer than many expect when it comes to competing. Jonathan – I repeat what I had to say last year, your continued commitment while rebuilding is always a great thing to see. Best of luck on building that future. Jim, best of luck in your debut season. You are taking over a franchise that had been run very well. I think they will remain under good hands under your leadership.

To those of you in the AL West – My fellow division rivals…Kevin, you certainly added quite a few pieces this off-season. You will remain a serious threat this year. Matt, the Astros scare me now, the Astros will scare me for the next 30 years. I think you broke Baseball America prospect rankings. Jason, the A’s are added some quality pieces. Each of your teams will make the AL West a very competitive division.

To those of you in the NL East – Bruce, Brenton, it’s going to be another fun year in New York and Atlanta. Ryan, Miggy Cabrera will put seats in the stands in Miami. John, the rotation remains scary, anything is possible. Anthony, the Nats have every chance to compete for a playoff spot.

To those of you in the NL Central – Scott, last year was fun, good luck repeating it. Your division competitors will be gunning for you. Few have been as consistent as the Cardinals. Ryan, good luck continuing your run this year. Jack, you have a real shot at making noise in the division. Jason, another seven win increase and you’ll be nipping at .500. Jabs, well, a rebuild has to start somewhere, right?

To those of you in the NL West – Ryan, welcome to San Fran. While those in Colorado might despise you, Giants fans love the way you spent money this off-season. Sam and Sean, So. Cal baseball is a hot commodity, I look forward to sharing that shine with you. To those in Arizona, last year was a struggle, but you have a top pick and no Josh Beckett, that’s looking good from here! Mitch, good luck!


And again, last on paper, but #2 in the league office, to the Mariners and Justin. You kicked my ass in the playoffs last year, I look forward to hopefully changing that this year. I want to thank you again for all of your help behind the scenes. You offer much more than just assistance, you make running things that much easier.

As always, if you ever have any questions, concerns, or ideas for the league, feel free to find me Slack and send them my way.

Best of luck to everyone, let’s get this season going!