Roll Call and Survey Results

Thank you to everyone for your responses to the 2020 Roll Call and Survey. As of now, I have heard from all but one team. Of the respondents I have heard from, we only have a couple of GM’s on the fence of returning. Those GM’s have given MLB Pro a ton in the past and both will be given the time they need to make a final decision.

In addition to the Roll Call, I wanted to touch on some of the points that were brought up in the survey portion of the questionnaire.

I would like to address contract restrictions based on service time. MLB has changed over the last few years locking young players up earlier. Probably a mid point between what we have now and the way contracts used to be handled in this league. 

Just as the League Office was swift to introduce the changes when we did in 2018, we will monitor this in OOTP 20 and make any necessary changes. That said, the League Office will continue to fall on the side of supporting the players.

I think adding draft pick trading restrictions would be good. Something that at least somewhat resembles the current MLB system of not being able to trade recently drafted players

The League Office will discuss this idea here in September and if it gathers enough support there, this is the type of proposal we could see voted on and enacted this off-season.

Enhanced draft signings, ie: signing bonuses and negotiations of draft picks…

This is something that has not had enough support within the League Office or amongst GM’s in the past. If the League Office can form a consensus on the matter, it could be something we vote on this off-season. The past concerns were valid and remain a sticking point to some.

Ever thought about adding a few independent leagues to our universe?

I honestly haven’t, but I do not see this coming to us next season. I will discuss this with the League Office, but I think this move is highly unlikely.

I’d love to see something where GMs can add seats to their stadium, or rename the stadium….

As far as seats goes, I am open to further discussions and proposals on this.

As far as renaming goes, to a real-life change: 100% yes….to something else…hmm.

I would love for there to be a way to trade IFA money with some kind of work around or that OOTP changes the way game handles it.

IFA money trading was a popular topic during the IFA period. I’m open to the idea, but there are a ton of limiting factors at the moment with OOTP. By turning off the in-game hard cap, demands skyrocket and the game still has the soft-cap restrictions that carry over to the following year. I am happy to review any proposals on the matter.

That said, if OOTP handles it correctly in ’20 (I don’t believe they do) or in the future, a change would be very likely.

I am a a proponent for contract insurance….

As was discussed in the past, this is complex and needs more thought. I will be happy to give this some time and efforts to think over here.

Not being allowed to vote for your own players for awards or all-star games…

100% League Office support on this — it remains something that is nearly impossible to monitor as long as individuals are able to cast their own ballots in OOTP or StatsLab. There is a bit of an “honor code” with this one, but again, 100% league office support.

Allow August trades of players not on the 40-man roster…

I agreed to this in chat back in early August and will hold my word to it. Again though, this will only apply to trades of players NOT ON THE 40 man roster

I think we might be smart to devise a formula for budgets out of the game. For one, it’s gonna get tough to find GMs for the revolving door spots of rebuilding jobs. For two, honestly, it’s a bit haphazard in game and can be manipulated a bit by GMs willing to put in the extra work.

I believe it would be easier to manipulate to a formula rather than to the game. To the GM who proposed this, please reach out to me for further discussion. If anyone has any examples of this, please pass them on to me.

Only thing I have seen is players actively being shopped should have to be put on block in game. This affects personality ratings and performance and is more realistic. Not a big deal though just a minor thing.

I think this is a good idea, but one tough to monitor to a degree. Some GM’s trade primarily behind closed doors and have ideas of a trade they would want. I think implementing a requirement like this would just cause more teams to add a cloak of secrecy to players on the move. Ideas on how to make this work would definitely be listened to.

(On the topic of trade blocks…)

Anon GM had a consolidated league-wide trade block going before the deadline, but it was not maintained all that well.

Anon GM has opened up the trade block document to be editable by anyone. In order to edit your team’s trade block, go to the correct division tab at the bottom and add players to your team’s block. There is a 10 person limit to each team. Include the position and player name.

If there are any other ideas that come to mind to anyone, do not hesitate to reach out via Slack. I am happy to listen and discuss any other ideas or the ones talked about above.